21 comments on “#WurtzStock or #PiaMar?

  1. Sana nga sila na. Magaang ang loob ko kay Stockinger, kesa doon sa doktor! I’ve watched his 2 interviews with Boy Abunda and I really like him.

  2. @ Jen : Hinyayin daw ang statement ng MUO, ayon kay Queen P last night sa TV Patrol. Kay Ines Ligron ‘yata nagsimula ang bali-balita. Go to Sash Factor; hopefully the article is still posted.

    @ : Pipo Alanon : Now that you mentioned it, how sad. So is CatClint / GrayDad (Catriona Gray and Clint Bondad) also a gimmick, perhaps? 😦

    And speaking of Marlon’s Swiss extraction, did you know that the Basic Education system in that small landlocked country requires kids to learn the languages of the countries around it? So in addition to Swiss, children speak Italian, German, and French. English, too, out of necessity. Sana ganito din sa ‘Pinas, the minimum competency being English and Filipino (Manila Tagalog) plus one more tongue of choice from the other major groups – Ilocano, Cebuano, Bicol, Ilonggo, or Waray. And one might as well choose to learn the language of the one you love. So if you are Ilocano with a Cebuana girlfiend, or vise versa, you can be cool with the ‘rents and hit it off with the sibs and cuz’s.

    • Is there a Swiss language? Afaik, Switzerland is landlocked by France to the west (hence the French speaking Lausanne/Geneve), Germany to the north and east (hence the German speaking Zurich), and Italy to the south (hence the more minor but Italian/Romansh speaking southern region).

      • @ lonewulf : There is a”proper Swiss”. A Swiss citizen told me this himself some years ago.

      • @ lonewulf — you’re correct! My ex is Swiss-French, I’ve learned a few of their culture while we were together. And you must’ve aced your Geography and Foreign Language classes. European Studies major?! LOL 🙂

      • Thanks, Andrew. I love Geography! 😀 One of my hobbies as a kid is memorizing capital cities and flags and maps. Lol. And I particularly like Europe.

        But no, I am no European Studies major. Quite far. My field is Mathematics and Finance. Although my latest graduate studies has something to do with an industry that has a strong presence in Switzerland. And I have been hoping to move and work/live there someday. Hence, I have done some reading about the country’s geography, history, culture.

  3. All the best to the both of you ! You look great together and I hope it works 🙂
    Off topic: How true is it that MU has pull the plug off of PH ? Anyone ?

    • Perhaps it has something to do with President Duterte’s downright disapproval of Steve Harvey and MUO’s adamant insistence that the popular black celebrity hosts the grand final.

      • The truth shall come out soon. They should make an official announcement soon.
        January is almost here.

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