24 comments on “Miss Diamond of the World 2016 | She’s no diamond in the rough

  1. Congratulations.
    But the big question is, did she actually win any diamonds? 😉

  2. Hindi na lang maging happy ung iba jan….. Nanalo na nga ng pageant lol. Carry niya yung sash ng pinas tapos mga ibang pinoy lalaitin pa. jusko lord.

  3. Too many pageants… and I wonder who shoulders the airfare of our candidates in these minor pageants? Minor na nga lang eh ang mahal pa din ng airfare from Pinas to Africa. Pageants must be a very lucrative business. hmmm

  4. Remember Miss Gloria Diaz was invited to judge a beauty pageant in Miami….and the title? Miss Potato!!!😂

  5. Magpasalamat nalang tayo mga vhaks at panalo….kung talo, pangit din naman ang sasabihin nyo kaya kung wala man lang kayong napatunayan, zip your mouth!

  6. Why does Tito Norms keep referring to Andrea Biondo as Mr. Universal Ambassador 2016, 2nd Runner-up? He placed 4th Runner-up in that pageant.

    • @ Namipueblo : You may visit the FB page of Mister Universal Ambassador for the explanation.

    • Na Steve Harvey daw. I’m still waiting on his feature of MUA. Walang write up. 😦

    • What a blunder. Another crowning glory moment stolen. This time from the runners-up. A convoluted explanation of the actual result doesn’t do much either in untying the knots. While mistakes of this sort may be forgiven, no amount of rectification can undo the harm already done. Pageant organizers should make sure their events run smoothly and take extra care in announcing and awarding winners.

  7. Congratulations!

    Minor or major pageant, you did your country proud.

    World Peace.

  8. May iba pa ba syang close up pic… I am in doubt of the pic below…did she really win?

  9. Kelan naman kaya ang Miss Diamond of the Universe? At ang Miss Sapphire of the World, Ruby of the Universe, Topaz of Earth and Swarovski of Globe abangan nyo na din. Ay amboooooooot!!!

  10. Picardal…Very Ilocano surname. Congratulations, ading! Even without the usual deluge of support candidates to more prestigious pageants enjoy, you SLAYED! You probably were all by yourself, too, without the benefit of a National Director by your side or an exuberant expatriate Filipino community in the audience to cheer you on (I do not think there would be too many Pinoys in this former French territory).

    Congratulations as well to the host! Everybody starts small, and beauty pageants are increasingly seen as effective tools to market towns/cities/countries to a wider and global audience. May this be the beginning of bigger and brighter pageantry in Africa. Merci bou coup, Algerie!

    P.S. We often lament the poor representation of Africa in global pageantry. Well, this is Africa making a statement : RECOGNIZE US. WE ARE HERE. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. WELCOME! AND HELLO!

  11. Goodness gracious kung ano anong pageant na lang talaga….kacheapan! Next is Miss Golden Unicorn Earth 2016

  12. ang putchaaaaa kung ano anong pageant na lang!! Next is Miss Golden Unicorn Continent! hayyyyy

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