25 comments on “Imelda Schweighart | Ready for the Earth

  1. Eh, ano naman ngayon kung mananalo sya as Miss Earth? Kung deserve talaga nya, bakit hindi ibigay sa kanya? kung deserve ng iba, bakit hindi ibigay sa iba? Ibigay kay Caesar kung ano ang nararapat para kay Caesar! Hello, this is a competition! The right person must be elected! Kung si Imelda ang right person na yun, isantabi ang delikadeza issue! Hindi makakatulong yun sa pag-unlad ng Pilipinas!

    • OMG!!!! Final na kaya yan??? Hinde din kase malabo na ikancel nga nila yan. Kahit sabihing for security reason ang tunay na dahilan if makancel yan is politika talaga. Nakakasad lang kung true yan. Mas lalong lumalabo ang b2b. Pia is also pro d30 i think and maxine. Tsk.

    • @ Will : I smell FISH !

      And it has neither to do with political instability (DU30’s remark?) nor security concerns. You cannot be a politician and be onion-skinned because you ALWAYS consider the GREATER LONG-TERM GOOD in decision-making; neither is security concern good enough as this is NOT the first time Filipinas is doing something like this and the guests in consideration (the candidates) are neither Heads of State nor exalted Royalty.

      The plausible reason lie in “non-payment yet of franchise fee” and “looking for other countries as possible hosts”. Here’s my take, and certainly NOT worth just ten cents! Again, I HAVE NO PROOF; JUST FEELINGS, NOT EXTRAJUDICIAL. LOL.

      1) Nakita ng WME/IMG na may PERA ang Pinoy at ang ating love sa pageantry. Gusto tayo pagkakitaan, kaya tinaasan ang Franchise Fee! Siyempre, tatawad tayo, pero ayaw ni MUO.

      2) May iba pang bansa (or mga bansa) na gustong sulotin sa atin ang hosting duties! MUO will surely give it to the highest bidder. Which country? Your guess is as good as mine.

      3) OR, baka may hinihinging “concession/s” or “special favors” ang financiers sa MUO.


  2. @ Thomas : May I my ten cents, po?

    Production value seems to be generally agreed upon by ourselves (we commentators) to be the factor most found wanting based on comments given in the previous Post also regarding Miss Earth pageant. MONEY is needed to address this. Nothing happens without MONEY. Wala’ng pera ang Carousel Productions? Or nagtititpid? They could look for financiers, but any potential benefactor will be hesitant to invest if the production is poor to begin with or if the pageant does not enjoy much support from US – tayo lang naman ang nagtiyatiyaga, maliban sa family, friends, and fans. Where are the Chavit Singson’s and Henry Sy’s when we need them? MU nga, reluctant siguro gumastos ang WME/IMG. Kaya how lucky they are na inako ng Filipinas ang tungkulin at sakit ng ulo. 🙂

    So you see, it really is easier said than done. It is a vicious cycle, isn’t it? It’s like a demon that feeds on its own excrement in the hopes of becoming an angel!

    ME has been brought to Austria and Vietnam. Again, MONEY! These are NOT exactly the cheapest venues. Entablado sa isang subdivision country club? Why not? The show has to go on. Baka nga ‘yang country club na ‘yan, resident sa subdivision ang isang opisyal ng Carousel kaya tuloy nakatipid! Now this is pure sarcasm; but you get the point. And I have no proof. LOL.

    A pageant is not cheap; we know this already. Candidates need to be housed and fed. Service vehicles need to be rented and fueled. Venue fees to be settled; 50% down payment muna, at settle the balance on Finals Night only kung wagi si Miss Philippines. Bounce check pa. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Ang daming kailangang kausapin at isaalang-alang weeks, if not months, ahead of the anticipated Finals date. Different suppliers quote different rates. Quality or quantity? Minsan may under-the-table pa… 😦

    As to attracting a greater number of participants, I will cite the recently-concluded Mister Universal Ambassador male pageant in Surabaya (congratulations to the Italian-Filipino beefcake, ATB, for his RU finish. He will be a tough act to follow) as an example. During the Live Stream on 30 September, allegations surfaced that the pageant organizer slashed, if not altogether waived, the franchise fee and even gave free or reduced-rate plane tickets to National Directors and candidates. This probably (???) contributed somehow to the SPIKE in attendance, from only nineteen (19) last year to forty-eight (48) candidates this year. And yet it was unanimously agreed upon by pageant blog sites and pageant fans that the show was, in a word, bad in terms of production. PERO CERTAINLY MAY PERA ANG ORGANIZER DAHIL NAPAKAGANDA NG HOTEL NA TINULUYAN NINA ATB. SA PRELIMINARIES – Sports, World Speech, Swimwear, Talent, Photoshoots – sila bumawi. The Finals Night was not the point; the days leading up to it were the strength. Napilitan ka tuloy, as a fan, na sumubaybay EVERY SINGLE DAY for even the smallest development. They asked fans to vote, vote, vote. Laking tuwa ng mga sponsors! Each LIKE and each SHARE was a coin in their pockets.

    Bring in internationally-acclaimed judges and entertainers? For the latter, TF ang usapan! For the former, again, hindi mag-e-effort ang isang dalubhasa na mag-endure ng 12 to 18-hour flight to some minor pageant in some remote cranny of Planet Earth (am NOT referring to ME!) kung walang prestige ang patimpalak. Which goes back to production value, hence money. STILL MONEY!

    Ayan, hindi na tuloy ten cents worth ang banat ko. It all really is worth more than that. Sad, but true.

  3. It’s too bad that she’s competing the year after The Philippines did a back to back. She is sooooo deserving of the crown. It may not look good if we did a three-peat BUT she is such a stand out. Sigh… ’tis a dilemma…

  4. Nothing against her but yong pagpopost niya or ng handlers nya sa social media left an impression that she has an attitude at palengkera. Not a nice move. She can have publicity sa ibang pamamaraan.IMO

  5. She’s super gorgeous. But to be honest, i think medyo wrong timing ang pag sali niya? I mean we just had our back-to-back win, I don’t mind the philippines winning again if deserve talaga niya, but for me, may ibang mas magdedeliver to win. just my two cents, i still wish her the best though.

  6. She looks like a winner to me.

    However, and this is my problem with Ms. Earth Pageant, the more candidates from the Philippines winning this pageant over the years, the less credible the pageant becomes. Sad but true.

    It is bad enough that the production value of this pageant leaves too much to be desired (who can recall that year when it was held at some subdivision country club? my gad! lol).

    I know some will say that Ms. Earth is different from the rest because it wants to be known for its noble advocacy rather than the usual pomp, whistles and glitter of other pageants. But please, for it to be considered a major pageant, some improvements must be done.

    > Hold it outside the Philippines.

    > Have some well-known international judges (and not just ambassadors of some country TO the Philippines) and entertainers.

    > Improve the production value. It looks like some third-rate copy cat of GMA supershow with Kuya Germs. Lol.

    > Aim to have candidates from countries who are not known to send candidates to beauty pageants (Ms. Earth after is more than a beauty contest).

    World Peace. =)

  7. I don’t understand why they want her to lose and then join Binibini. The girl wants ME and they are wishing her bad luck so they can satisfy themselves. Terrible! Binibini has been so overrated. They are comparing MW and ME and think that Binibini is the best. I will let the stats speak for itself.

  8. Ay super ganda!!!! Sana cya lumaban last year para di pinutakti ang back to back win ng pinas! =)

  9. Lahat naman ng mga post nya na paghuhulain ka pa eh is part of their strategy. She looks different now after surfing accident. She looks more exotic here. Yeah pageant ready. Il hope she’ll not win and join bbp 2017. Miss Grand, MI or Supra for her. But if judges sees the Miss Earth Crown to he well congrats.

  10. This is IT! She looks like a nymph that suddenly emerged from the rich forests of her native Palawan. The straight hair allowed to naturally fall, the tan, the full hips and thighs and bosoms, and the soft girly smile – NO STRAIGHT GUY ON EARTH CAN RESIST THIS. And NO, I do NOT mean that in a bad way. Go SLAY, Ms. Schweighart! 🙂

  11. For sure, she will do well. But I bet, she will have a very hard time to win. She has plenty of very strong competition this year. Winning the crown won’t be that easy for her. Top 16 orm even top 8 is possible but to be on the top 4, I don’t think so. We’ll see her chance depending on her performance throughout the competition.

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