19 comments on “The Return of Fernando Alvarez, Mr. World 2016 1st Runner-Up

  1. Tito Norms, kindly clarify once and for all – if you have not done so yet – why you are referring to Andrea Biondo as 2nd runner-up of Mr. Universal Ambassador 2016 in this article when he was clearly proclaimed before all and sundry as the 4th runner-up? Was there a Steve Harvey faux pas somewhere or disqualification or dethroning or what? Kindly share with us your thoughts already considering that you haven’t blogged yet about the outcome – and now you’re giving us this intriguing new bit of information sans any background info.

    • @ Anton : You may refer to the FB of Mister Universal Ambassador for the explanation.

    • Andrea’s trophy clearly states 2nd Runner-Up. There was a mix-up on how the order of announcement should’ve been during finals night. Good thing one of the organizers (HMX August) posted an apology to set the record straight. Only eventual MUA Serbia, 1st RU Dominican Republic and 2nd RU Philippines were given trophies because Peru and Vietnam got titles that will eventually be independent pageants come 2017.

    • Juice ko naman, kahit siguro ako tita baka sasabog ang panubigan ko kung ako ang nasa lugar mo. At hindi halata ha na mas bet mo si papa Fernando kaysa kay papa Andrea. Amoy na amoy ko ang pheromone hahaha

      • Eustaquia, Andrea is Tito Norm’s “anak” in the pageant world so incest kaya wala talaga! Hahaha. Fernando na lang. Fresh na fresh.

  2. ang pogi niya. ganda ng mata! jusme sarap magpa lahi sakanya! CHAROT! he’s super sexy without even trying!

    • Agree. Ripped/torn jeans are so one minute ago! Why acquire clothing only to distress/damage it in the name of trendiness/coolness/hotness? NOT! Sorry, Andrea. You are Italian. You should know better. But congratulations. You made us proud in Surabaya!

  3. sandwich?? Deep in your heart norman, the word you would’ve liked to use is ‘spitroast’ lol

    • @ Charles Cohen : Perhaps not Sam, but he might be advance party for Rohit and Mirea, who should be in this weekend.

  4. Can I take him home? Kiddin’. His eyes are so inviting. He should have been Mr. World 2016!

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