44 comments on “Once Catriona sings, the World will listen

  1. Catriona should sing “FROM A DISTANCE” by Bette Midler. parang bagay ang range niya sa kantang ito and also this song is an award-winning song that unites countries.

  2. She has that queenly aura. so regal. Total Package na siya. She can be the next Megan Young! Ipanalo na yan Miss Julia Morley…hehe

  3. She is a good singer. Pagdating sa birit part, if I may suggest magpaturo s’ya ng technique kay Regine. Whoooo!

    I still can’t get over of her performance in MWP, especially in swimsuit. Grabe ang back strut n’ya ha, kabog ang mga Miss Venezuelan candidates. May gagayahin na naman ang mga contestants sa iba’t ibang pageant next year.

    • So you like listening to the siren at 12nn? OMG, Regine is a past tense. She can sing Streisand Manilow and the Bread. She is very annoying when she does Kelly C Adele Beyoncé and other modern singers.
      No to Lani too who is extremely unpleasant in person.
      Maybe Charice or Lea?

      • …and then you go against millions who adore Regine, our national treasure.

  4. Such a divine beauty. Congratulations on your winning MWP2016, Catriona ! Next stop: Washington, D.C. where hopefully another “worldly” blue crown awaits you 🙂

  5. She may choose a song that is familiar to the young and older audience. Like a contest piece in a singing contest. She has a nice voice and she can be a recording artist.

  6. She looks very regal! Very Miss World aura…

    In fact, when analyzing the Filipina 2016 reps to MI, MW and MU, its a no brainer to predict ALL three will be be on major pageant experts’ “top 5/10 contenders” list for each respective Big 3 pageant.

    How exciting!
    Go get em’ Catroina!

    How exciting!

  7. Jusko pag di nanalo to ewan ko na lang. Complete package!! Sobrang manghihinayang talaga ko. If not the best, I think she’s one of the best representative we ever have. Love you Cat!

  8. I can see there is hunger for the crown. Its a good thing. She is our strongest chance to snatch a major crown this year.

  9. I have said it before that she need a vocal coach because her singing is monotonous which for music experts will find it boring. Her voice is very good and can pass into a pop jazz music. Problem in high notes and breathing. The vocal coach from The Company can help her. Catriona can prepare 3 songs, 1 for Talent competition and the other 2 songs for an events’ intermission.
    The right song choice/arrangement that will show her vocal chops/abilities.

    • She needs to sing the very overly done song “Imagine” in her own arrangement. Panalo yan at malamang puro luhaan ang peg ng lola Julia…

      • @bong700 merong stipped down version na piano lang ang melody sobrang touching. babahain ng luha ang DC pag kinanta nya yan. instant crown! lol

      • I think she might have sang it as the background song for ber BWAP.. trying to remember.

    • She needs a voice coach? Catriona has a Masters Certificate in Music Theory from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. She also plays the guitar and has a black belt in Choi Kwang Do to shut you up.

  10. The voice is great, but it will be more appreciated if she will do the rendition of Aegis’ songs or Renz Verano’s?

  11. After learning that she graduated from Berklee, I actually expected more from her singing. From what she has shown here, her voice would have benefited from a better choice of song. She has better control over the higher registers and had poor control in the lower ones. BUT! Considering that this is just the talent segment of a beauty pageant, I think she did pretty well overall! It definitely was not a performance to be embarrassed about (anybody else remember Pia Wurtzbach’s turn at the microphone in BBP ’13?) Catriona definitely left no stone unturned in earning the MWP crown.

    • I forgot to mention that this green gown looked divine! The embroidery looked very expensive. She’s going to do very well in Miss World.

    • I agree that there was poor song choice here. She has better performances in some of her videos on Youtube.

      • Song choice was actually good. That Adele song she sang is all over Singing Contests on TV right now. And i actually like her version. She knows her voice and i think she’s smart enough to pick a song that would showcase it. Good luck Catriona Gray, Miss World 2016!

    • Her Masters Certificate is in Music Theory, not Voice, in Berklee. This is about musical arrangement, chord progressions, harmony, rhythm, and ear training. Just thought I’d call you out for unreasonable expectations. 🙂

    • Guys, cut Cat some slack… We’re Filipinos…. of course we have a very high standard when it comes to singing… Almost everyone here can carry a tune… at least 1 in 10 can belt out her lyrics and 1 in 20 can slay the Videoke… in short, Catriona’s performance may not be the best we’ve seen but it her talent is still something we can be proud of at Miss World.. She’s no Charice Pempengco but She’s definitely a perfect representation of a Filipina – an artist, a performer, a lady.

  12. Diba ang best in talent sa MW nag pe perform sa finals. So I want her to sing a song that will make the judges touched their hearts Related for world peace songs. Para pag sya nanalo maging buong mundo ma touched sa song performance nya. Mad world will do.

  13. cat should invest to have her gummy smile remedied..meron naman atang medical procedure for it…hayaan na nya ung sagging waist, flat front and back..un na lang paayos nya and she’s good to go to dc..

  14. when i saw this vid yesterday, isa lang masasabi ko. ibang iba ang speaking voice at singing voice ni cat. seems like trained na talaga to sa school nya nung bata pa. alam na alam nya ang dynamics ng boses nya. anu pa kaya kulang sa kanya?

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