35 comments on “Mabuhay! It’s Jennifer Hammond in Sri Lanka

  1. ok naman ang interview nya. were you expecting a Lara Dutta type of answer? for crying out loud give this girl a break! why fault a girl for her opinions and answers and snergy? gusto nyo walang latoy?

  2. There is always a strategy in pageants. Wag masyado mang husga agad. But if yan na talaga yon, be happy and support nalang. Matalino naman yan. Alam nya ang ginagawa nya. Ang tanging totoo lang is pag nagsasalita sya ung way nya parang nahihirapang syang magsalita. Pero sa laman ng mga sinasabi nya wala ako problem don. Strategy or not andyan na sya eh. So support nalang.
    The pageant is now UP so
    Departure/Arrival OTD/Style/Aura (✔)
    Natcos (✔)

  3. Diusmio Jenn, ambush interview lang yan, relax lang!
    Simpleng tanong e pagent patty ang answer mo.
    Kaloka ka!
    Iwasan ang energy drink te!

  4. One comment: Jennifer need not say “I researched….”….just describe Sri Lanka directly i.e. Sri Lanka is ……..”

    Well, unsolicited advice lang naman to. Cheers to you dear.

  5. The host quoted “…the Bb Pilipinas is a very big paageant (known) in all the over the world..” Since he is Latino, he knows of the success and fierce competitors that the Bb beauties have becomee and that statement carries a lot of substance! 👍

    There is something very charismatic about Jennifer Hammond. Would not be surprised if she brings the title home!

  6. guys.. chill with the interview. Jen is prepared. Don’t expect her to give a heart warming speech sa ambush interview na to. nakakaloka kayo. give her a break, let her do things her way. Mas alam niya ang ginagawa niya. so sabi nga ni Daniel, Shut na lang. CHAROT!

    I love her natcos! i haven’t seen the whole look, but mukhang pasabog! I’m just curious sa headpiece niya, ano yon? definitely not a crown, right?

    • Its a payoneta… The traditional Spanish payoneta is usually carved with ornate Baroque inspired patterns. It uses embelishments like semi-precious stones, carved bones, ivory and the Filipino favorite- mother-of-pearl. The one worn by Jennifer though is a laser-cut of a modern material imitating the smoothness and color of Mother-of-pearl. The geometric shape also adds to the modern vibe of the costume.

  7. Sir Norman, the guy interviewing Jen is none other than Hector Joaquin. Your latino counterpart and Global Beauties Moderator

    • Yup! I believe he will be hosting the pageant as well! He hosted and covered top model if the world 2016!

  8. Haay! ano kya credentials ng mga ngmamarunong at ngmamagaling dito? My God will you give this girl a break? Pwede ba support and prayers na lang tayo for her? Kayo ba nag-represent na and wore the PHILIPPINES sash? If no, then you definitely do not know the pressure, the feeling,the anxiety! Tama na kuda mga bakla mapagpanggap. Nakakainis lang kasi puro negativities ini-imbibe s KAHIT KANINONG kandidata.

  9. She’s my namesake so she will do very well beyond all our expectations lol !
    Seriously now, I believe she will be one of the top contenders for Miss Intercontinental !
    Good luck, Jen ♥♥♥
    Jen ♡♡♡

  10. Sad. She appeared to be too eager, too rehearsed and too contrived. She even bordered on being condescending towards the host country and Ms. Vietnam. The high-pitched voice and the ramblings did not make her appear to be natural but just someone who have had too much coffee. Lol.

    Relax lang Ms. J. You looked so trying very hard. And oh, the gown is pretty.

    World Peace.

  11. stop complaining about rehearsed whatever, as if Miss Intercontinental is known for best in Q&A.. hahahaha remember Pataporn?

  12. Nakikita ko na ang winner’s aura sa kanya…Top 5 ang nababasa ko sa bolang crystal at nakadepende na lang sa aura nya during Finals sa tamang pagsagot sa Final question.
    Kaya congrats in advance Jennifer H. 🙂

  13. she looks so elegant
    and nobody can deny she is enjoying herself (which always translates to a great performance)

  14. Ganda ng national costume nya! Her interview is ok. Halata lang na nacoconscious sya sa umpisa pero towards the end nakarelax na sya.
    Goodluck Jen! Huwag mong masyadong isipin yung pressure. Relax lang and enjoy.

    • Medyo kinabahan sa una pa lang … even the forestry … pero nakabawi naman. Good luck, Jenn !

  15. ganda ng natcos ha! i love nat manilag’s modern take on the maria clara. hindi siya full blast na filipiniana but it has enough elements and details to pass as a filipino costume. and the accessories by christopher munar are quite lovely as well.

    i’m convinced jennifer is prepared for this competition. undoubtedly, her personality showed in the interview. though i agree na we’ve heard her answer about sri lanka na before and yes she could have paraphrased it pero naisip ko din, won’t anyone give the same answer if asked a question more than once? saka sana mejo modulate ng konti ang boses, high pitched si jen all throughout…but i guess it was just nerves since sabi niya sa ig niya, impromptu ang interview. but overall, i say she’s doing good.

  16. The foreign commenters here are so threatened with Jennifer… In case you guys are not aware… The visitor widget on the right indicates your locations… and we Filipinos can also tell that you are guys not one of us based on your grammar.
    Regardless, we know that Jennifer wiĺl do well in this competition… She was very trained well by her mentors and her credentials alone can slay the competition.

    Goodluck Jen! Don’t mind the haters!

  17. Hahaha! Sounded too REHEARSED and FAKE in the first few sentences, the eye movement, hands, gestures….She got better and more NATURAL towards the end.

    But I think She will do well 🙂

  18. I think she doing pretty well…. She was so poised… I love the National Costume, it’s a very modern take on the classic Filipiniana silhoutte… The details is beyond amazing… This gown is now in my TOP 10 best pageant Filipiniana of this year.
    Back to Jen.. I find her very charming… I she stays consistent through out the competition.

    Jennifer Hammond FOR THE WIN!!! 😀

  19. Just and observation: In all her interviews she kept saying the same exact phrase when asked about sri lanka “i researched about the place and i knew that it has a very interesting culture…” come on they should be taught how to paraphrase otherwise it would sound to rehearsed and robotic. Nonetheless, i still have high hopes you’ll clinch the crown. Good luck sa iyong “hammond” diyan sa Sri Lanka! Mabuhay ka!

    • a simple edit would have helped: if she dropped “i researched about the place…” simply said “sri lanka has such an interesting culture!” it would have been more convincing and would have shown that she “knew”.

      anyways, i adore the way she talks. her inflections/upspeak can sometimes sound very sorority girl.
      but a study somewhere said that way of speaking makes a person seem less persuasive.

      i feel like she will do really well

  20. Good luck JH. Not a huge fan of hers but I’m your she’s gonna her best. So far it looks like some candidates are getting more attention especially on their FB page.

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