37 comments on “Mabuhay! Here’s more of Jennifer Hammond in Sri Lanka

  1. i dont know about the other comments but i think JH stands out in a good way and seems to be friendly with everyone. as for being rehearsed, well thats how she explains herself maybe its a bit too much but hey she answers well and when she asks the reporter to go under the umbrella i think thats so cute. goodluck to her, shes a cotender thats for sure ….

  2. mukhang matanda si jennifer kung naka lugay ang buhok, i think mas bagay sa kanya ang naka fold ang buhok niya mas maganda at malinis siyang tinganan.

  3. Isa ka sa mga pinagpala ng kagandahan Ms. Jennifer Hammond. Alam kong hahamunin mo silang lahat sa, rampahan, talino at kagandahan para lamang mapasaiyo ang pinagkakait na korona. Itayo mo ang ating bandilang Pilipinas. Sigurado maraming inggeterang palaka ang walang sawang kapupuna ngayon sa iyo, hayaan mo silang magpuputak.

  4. Andami nyong reklamo kung kelan andun na sya sa Venue… hindi ko sya bet before pero support nalang tayo… kung makalait iba dyan minsan sobra na… sana sinabi nyo yan nung and2 pa sya.
    Baka mamaya sya pa maguwi ng crown…. Puri puri kayo after.

  5. Di ko talaga ma decipher kung ano ang sobra or kulang sa kanyang face. Para kasing out of proportion. Or parang may mga parts na hindi nag complement with each other.

  6. @ Greige : That’s it! Salamat at nag-comment ka ng ganyan. Dahil speaking of Christi Lyn McGarry, she is EXACTLY whom Jennifer needs to emulate as far as answering questions is concerned.

    I do not know kung may mahahanap pa’ng video nu’ng in-interview si Ms. McGarry ng isa’ng TV correspondent sa Germany last year. Christi stood straight and still, clasped her hands to keep movements to a minimum, and with a well-modulated voice and seemingly flawless German, she answered the lady reporter’s questions not-too-fast and not-too-slow. With her sleek Finals Night evening gown on, not-too-shimmery make-up, and with not a strand of hair out of place, she looked classy and expensive!

    Imho, I feel now that Ms. Hammond needs to match, if not exceed, Ms. McGarry’s mental toughness and discipline if she is to finally nail the win. But would it be too much to ask of Jennifer to require her to be something/someone she is not? Would it be better to just allow her to do things her way and in the manner most natural for her? This way, she can make the victory uniquely hers, and not merely be an imitation of Ms. McGarry’s?

    Weeehhh!…I think I just answered my own question. Laugh Out Loud (natuwa sa sarili. pathetic me).

  7. so far, no signs of Cumbia. haha.

    at andaming exposure sa video ni Miss Malta Jade Ceni na jowa ni Mr. World Malta Timmy Puschkin ha! at kumi-Christi Lynn McGarry din si ateng…second time na niyang sumali sa Miss Intercontinental…siya rin ang rep ng Malta nung 2013.

  8. Parang ang OA ng personality na pino project niya.

    Ewan ko lang kung click ito sa mga “Sri Lankans”

    Sige lang, kung iyan ang ikaka tagumpay para sa Pilipinas!!!

    Go go go JH!

  9. Mas confidently beautiful pa si mare sa Face of Beauty kaso ligwak din ito sa Macau

    Princess Edelyn Ramos, Face of Beauty Philippines 2016 during Face of Beauty International 2016 Press Presentation Ulanbataar, Mongolia.
    Finals on October 8, 2016 in Buyant Ukhaa Sportiin Ordon, Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia.

  10. jen is one of my least-liked bbp2016 winner, togethr with that girl from davao..jen’s face is so generic, laki pa ng ilong so distracting..and once she opens her mouth, all doubt is gone..confirmed.

  11. I like the asian girl in black dress.
    She’s effortlessly stunning.
    Limang lalawigan ang agwat ng ganda nya kay Hammond!

  12. Other candidates are so happy that they have Jen in this pageant.
    At least, they won’t miss their mothers.

  13. no doubt, she has a presence, you notice her in the pictures and videos
    and there is a genuine warmth that comes out of her

    that is the hairstyle, the one with the soft curls, that suits her the best

    i am turning into a big fan

    go jennifer!

    btw, chill with her manner of answering questions, most people even the judges would not notice.
    the key is that she was able to answer without long pauses and that she got her message across

  14. ‘Eto na! Sunod-sunod na ang mga comments. Madaling araw pa lang, may pumapasok na. Extra busy na rin sigurado si Mr. Tinio as he does his utmost to keep abreast of the latest in the hopes of being ahead of others. Time zones also play a part; I think Philippines time is ahead of Sri Lanka by three hours? Not bad for our ( 🙂 )-plus years young blogger! And he has both local and foreign pageant news to monitor and filter para may mabalita siya’ng kakaiba (distinctive/unique) naman. And other bloggers are doing the same… Pageant season has commenced!

    @ Thomas : I feel she meant no disrespect when she said she lent things to her co-candidates. It certainly did not come across to me as tacky. I missed the reason why she did so (but certainly there is no more need to divulge that), but perhaps her co-candidate was in some sort of garments crisis, and any well-meaning individual would not think twice of coming to her aid kung mayroon namang maitutulong. And as to bordering on condescension towards the host country by saying “I researched on the culture..”, what can we do? At least she was honest enough to admit that she knew very little about Sri Lanka. That’s better than presenting herself as a “know-it-all-encyclopedia-full-of-useless-trivia-and-vignettes”. But yes, she could have said so in a more gracious manner.

    And as to observations that Jennifer Hammond seems to be a tad too vivacious and contrived to risk being seen as a loose cannon or what we chillingly refer to as “taklesa”, again I say : what can we do? It seems ito na talaga ang pagkatao ni Jennifer Hammond. Her ebullient and frank manner is the counterfoil to Kylie Versoza’s ice-cool reserve and sophistication. And who knows? Perhaps she is under instructions from BPCI to be “kilig”, as it may be possible that this is the type of personality that appeals to Sri Lankans. Further and if so, then her selection to wage war at Miss Intercontinental 2016 is most appropriate. The right person for the job… that’s STRATEGY.

    P.S. Love the orange dress, Jen! It makes you look edible… yum yum yum… 🙂

    • Dear Andrew,

      Thank you for taking the time to single out my comments and for being gracious and elegant in your choice of words in making your comments.

      > It is unfortunate that you missed the reason why she lent her swimsuit to Ms. Vietnam. But with just a simple push of the playback button, you would have known that she did that because she was daw “watching the back of other contestants, so they can also help her in return…” or something to that effect …. It that isn’t tacky to you, it is to me. =)

      > “When I was at the plane and saw the landscape of Sri Lanka……it was…(pause)..byoootiful… and the wildlife….”… if this doesn’t sound like too rehearsed, I don’t know what is.

      > It is not so much what she was saying… it is the way she is saying the words…”excitable” is the adjective I’ll use. Notice that the interviewer was not even half a second finished with the question, and she has a ready, canned answer.

      Now, excitable can be a good thing. It can mean being natural and spontaneous. But she came across to me as this…”ask me a question, I have a ready answer”. Answer to express, not to impress dear.

      Lastly, look how “hindi mapakali ” she was in the video above. As if begging to be noticed among a bevy of beauties. Hindi kaaya-aya.

      I say all these things to help. Since it is only day 1.

      World Peace. =)

      • Thank you, Thomas! I hope Mr. Tinio would not mind if Jennifer also see our comments. In the end, we just all mean well and wish the best for her. Ms. Hammond, huwag ka ma-offend, po. OK? 🙂

      • Anong flight kaya sinakyan ni Jen? Mostly kc ng flight from SG and BKK ay gabi. Paano nya nakita ang landscape during her flight? Baka may morning flight na…

      • @miss tissa – i’m not sure but she could’ve taken the PAL flight to Kuala Lumpur to connect to Sri Lanka. MNL-KUL-CMB is the “most logical” flight itinerary since there are more (including afternoon departures) and cheaper flights to Colombo from KL…shorter flight distance too.

        Based on her departure photos, I don’t think she took the morning MNL-SIN flight (though there is an afternoon SIN-CMB flight) and it would be a long and unnecessary layover if she flew via BKK given her options. (since PAL has other destinations that have better connections to Colombo).

      • @Greige – Except that, PAL has no MNL – KUL flight. All they have is a codeshare operated by Malaysia Airlines.

  15. My two-cents worth.

    Jennifer just appears to be “trying hard too much”. She is giving me a hindi-mapakali vibe and seems to be seeking too much attention from her demeanor to her interview. She has a ready answer for every question that sounds contrived and rehearsed. Her interview below was close to be condescending to the host country and even to Ms. Vietnam. Must you really say you lent her your swimsuit? Just tacky Jen.

    Relax girl. You look like you have had too much coffee.

    Oh…the gowns are beautiful.

    World Peace.

    • OA hindi nman… Mukha ngang haggard si Miss Scotland.. daming wrinkles around the eyes.. Brainwashed lang tayo ng look nya dahil kamukha nya si Batgirl..

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