13 comments on “A Lei around Christian’s heart

  1. Kati lang pala tapos naghiwalay din after. Knowing Christian! haha.

  2. baka nga in-between pageant activities, kanya kanya yan sila hookup with co-candidates…baka may groupie pa nga lolz…

  3. Pageant pageant, beso beso, harot harot!
    Yan ba ang advocacy ng Mr. Gay World?
    Haay nako Christian, sana nanahimik ka na lang, hindi mo naman kailangang i-broadcat yan.

    • How can we fight prejudice and stop hate against us if people like u na isa ring bakla ay punong Puno ng hatred sa puso. Why not be happy. Mas masarap mabuhay ng walang galit sa puso

      • Did I say that I’m against their relationship?
        Diusmio, Marimar Perez!
        magbasa ka!

  4. Good luck to the couple, hope their partnership brings out the best in them.

    A bit of unsolicited advice .. always be kind, respectful, faithful, and emotionally available to your partner. It conflicts arise, talk it out honestly and resolve it with humility. If a challenge turns out to be irreconcilable or insurmountable, then afford your partner and yourself the respect you both deserve and end the relationship with dignity and part ways as friends. Have that verbal agreement with your partner and you’d be surprised how much it’ll strengthen the relationship.

  5. Who’s the big B and the the T.. if they were same it wont work 😂😂😃

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