65 comments on “Monday Marvels: Top Picks Catriona Gray and John Raspado win Miss World Philippines 2016 and Mr. Gay World Philippines 2016, respectively 

  1. I prefer Cavite over Bench. Pero sure winner nga si Baguio total package. Congrats. Baguio, Cavite and Batangas my fave.

    • Not to mention.. pang Miss Universe ang posing nya during swimsuit ala Pia Wurtzbach..

      • Oo nga e, mas lamang ang pagka girlie nya. Pero based on looks at body mas gusto ko sya.

  2. Imention ko lang yung Formal wear ni Cavite at Pangasinan…AMAZING..ang Ganda…Original and creative. Congrats Leo of Almodal and Frederick Peralta.

  3. Ngayon ko lang napanood ang full video ng Mister Gay world Phils.
    Napansin ko lang na parang members of the same group ang Mr. Gay world Phils., KF, Miss Earth, at yung mga winners sa isa patimpalak na binanggit ay Mister Philippines ba yun or PEPP(not sure), meron pa bang members sa nagkakaisang grupo na to.
    Zamboanga for me is the winner kung pagbasihan sa Q&A and Stage Presence na very consistent ang confidence although lahat naman ay may kaba. Deserving naman si John R. as winner dahil total package na di ka mahihiyang ilaban internationally.
    Parang malakas sa organization at sa judges c Bench which for me ay dapat si Cavite ang kasali sa Top 3.
    Bongga at pang international level ang nangyari last night Oct. 2, 2016 as compared sa ibang international male pageant. Bongga rin sumagot sa Q&A at talo ang mga mujeres. Congratulations.
    Sa Miss World Phils. at Mr. World Phils. naman ay connected sa A&Q. May iba pa bang patimpalak na kasama sa grupo ng A&Q at MWP?

    • In fairness, mas mabenta si Bench kesa kay Janjep physicaly internationaly speaking… at mas nag effort si Bench sa Q&A.. so I think desserving si Bench sa TOP 3.

  4. Cat gray annihilated the show last night from opening, swimsuit, gown and her super heartfelt answers. Super napanganga nmn ako sa answer ni arriene, lumalamon ng microphone. IMO, if cat gray or the designer removed the overskirt, super elegant ng dating ni cat pero the overskirt touched the fun side of her elegance.

    BTE, have you seen the latest photos of Kylie and Nicole, released by BPCI? They are uber gorgeous. Sana ganun n ung pacakage nila for their respective pageants. Both screams, victory!!!!!

  5. Khalil was a big letdown. Of the three gay finalists, he’s the most physically attractive. He’s got just the right stance (aristocratic bearing) and body build (a little more muscle definition will help but no need to build a bodybuilder’s bulky physique). His facial features are even more striking and unique (straight sculpted nose and angular cheekbones). He gave the best impression among the top ten finalists self intro. But for someone vaunted for his educational and professional achievements, the Q&A proved to be his downfall. The responses he gave in both the first and the final Q&A rounds were mere reiterations of his remarks in his self intro as if he was stuck with only that idea. He repeatedly used expressions such as “breaking boundaries” and “acceptance without exception” with wearying effect. If you use the same self intro statements in the first round of Q&A, its value diminishes by 50%, if you rehash it in the final Q&A, it amounts to nothing. He did not even name what to him is the biggest challenge for gays in the Philippines in reply to the final question.

    If the Q&A was the deal breaker for Khalil, it was the deal maker for John. John gave an off-the-cuff answer that showed he has a better grasp of LGBT issues. Although I was leaning toward Khalil, John fully justified his win. Bench is also deserving of his first runner up finish. His most outstanding feature no doubt is his dazzling pearly white veneers. Hope Khalil learns from this and be better equipped to claim the title next time around.

    • If John doesn’t win this year.. I hope Khalil joins next year with a muscular built and with sufficient Q&A trainning from Aces and Queens…. hahaha conflict! Part ng production ang KF!

  6. @ Fabian Reyes : Agree with you that questions concerning poverty and world peace may not be the best way to go. I think questions should, in fact, be DOWN-TO-EARTH as to be relatable. Indeed, oftentimes, the simplest questions are the most difficult to answer. A newbie would ramble; a veteran would draw from wisdom and, as you said earlier, the “heart” to give a succinct but memorable reply. No pageant patty.

  7. Out of Topic Guys: Janine T. is one of the 12 calendar models for NU MUSES. Most likely for 2017.

  8. I’m glad most , if not all, think Catriona is gorgeous. This is in contrast to the other runaway winner Val who divided pageant fans.
    As for the final question, you cannot blame the finalists. It’s hard to sound natural if English is not your first language. Your answer will sound forced and rehearsed at the same time.
    But then I do not know if speaking in Tagalog is a better option as most young people are more familiar with Taglish
    . I guess the solution maybe to just trash the question. Anything with poverty and world peace etc makes me cringe endless

    • Fabian, I think the final question is really a test of preparedness and confidence than intelligence in the pageant world. Look Lemonon, she probably had 1st princess in the bag but she botched her final answer. Could be nerves that made her crack.

  9. it was a lopsided victory. it was no contest. cat massacred the competition the moment they came out onstage. the judges’ task was not to determine who the queen would be but who would be the four princesses.

  10. guys just asking kindly confirm… is Jonh Raspado & Wilbert Tolentino BF?
    I saw the pic of them saying wilbert tolentino boyfriend…

  11. Hakot awards si Inday Cat.
    Imagine, out of the 13 special awards, 10 are of Catriona’s.
    In fact, during the telecast, in which the 6 awards were given, 5 were bagged by hers except the Photogenic ward.
    Gandang nanlalamon, gandang hindi na kailangang ipaliwanag.

  12. Johnina Raspado, my twin sister won!
    Yahoo, yes Yahoo.com.
    That face, that body and that charisma will surely rock the Mr. Gay World stage.
    Very deserving of the title, kahit ex-lover nya ang franchise holder.

  13. Kalokang MWP.
    Yes, I’m happy that Catriona won, she’s very deserving.
    Kaya lang naman, diusmio, ang quality ng mga contestants e kahit barangay level e malabong manalo.
    At ang mga gowns, nakupo, mga trapal.
    Trapal kung trapal ang peg.
    Kahit si Catriona na modelo na e wala ring taste sa gown.
    At ang venue, parang basketball court lang.
    Parang awa mo na Madame Cory, next year mag-appoint ka na lang!
    Utang na loob!

    • @ basil, why don’t you take over and see if you can go past the talipapa level? u can argue that even miss u in doral looked like a barangay beauty contest at one point or another.
      tse! hihihi

  14. @ Padede Boy : For clarification, what I meant by “tuned in” was that Indonesians were merely monitoring the developments, NOT literally having access to a real-time simulcast which we know was not available as GMA-7 exclusively showed it, delayed, on Philippines TV. They were getting grainy videos taken by Sash Factor and Missosology correspondents in the audience and backstage. You can visit the FB of “Dukung Puteri Indonesia di ajang Miss Universe live” where there are posts on Catriona Gray ATM.

  15. Congrats. Pero sana binawasan ng konte ang kilay. Pang MU ang kilay nya kagabi eh. Anyway, walang tapon sa top 5. Good job MWP. Para sa mga bitter at nagsasabing bakit kailangan pa ng pageant. Kahit alam na kung sino mananalo. Need pa din ng pageant. Para mas makilala ng lubusan ang winner. Kung gaano ka deserving. May mga tao na sinasabi she is valerie 2.0. Well pageant is the witness. Ayan nilamon din sila ni Cat. Yung ibang foreigners. Very convince na sila kay cat dahil sa pinakita nya last night. She really stood out. She’s more meagan young. You can see in her eyes. Very humble. Uhaw sa korona. So im sure there’s something good for her come mw finals. Audra is also pinay. Good. Sya makakalaban nya. Pero syempre si cat ang gusto ko manalo. We need the 2nd crown.
    D ko pa masyado kilala si audra. Pero sa mga challenge. Sino mas lamang?

  16. As expected. Congrats Catriona! sobrang ganda niya last night with her red gown! Congrats too to John! gwapo niya. ❤ lol

    BTW, Akala ko ba Miss World and Mr. World are supposed to grace the coronation night kaya minove?

  17. Hahahaha.. Nagpintas nga sipatsipatin ni John… Ciguro kunkunana nga apay awan ti koronak. hihihi
    Congratz Catriona and John 🙂
    Top 10 ang pinakamababang mapanalunan ng mga mujeres na ito 🙂

  18. Jawskuh 🙂
    Mahirap ba talaga magprepare at imemorize sa puso ang pinakaunang question na dapat mong pag-aralan kung sasali ka sa MWP or MUP or MI…Yang question na yan ang number 1 na pag-aralan sa Q&A TRAINING. Nakaka HB. Parang pinagQuiz mo ang mga student mo na papasok sa school na unang inaatupag ang kalandian kesa magsunog ng kilay.
    Number 1 na pag-aralan sa Q&A training kung bakit ikaw ang dapat manalo sa MU, MW at MI, etc,
    Kaloka talaga… I’m disappointed with Sandra. Walang mintis sa sinabi ko na kung makapasok sa Top 5 c Ariane ay aariba yan sa Q&A dahil para sa akin ay sya ang pinakamatalino pero di rin naman pahuhuli si Catriona dahil magaling din naman sya at talo minsan ang matalino ang masipag at deligent na tao.
    Catriona really comes prepared to win this pageant 🙂
    Kaya huwag nyo naman sabihin na may favoritism dahil pinaghirapan nya talaga ang koronang yan 🙂

      • Bitter lang teh? Bakit ikaw ang maging mwp question. Nothing wromg with that. The purpose pa rin nyan is kahit expected na ang tanong na yan. Ang paglalabanan nalang dyan is d lang ung laman ng sagot o ung may magandang sago kundi ung makita mong galing sa puso. Kahit pa memorize yan at least pagkaka deliver galing sa puso and base sa pagkatao nilang tunay.

    • Catriona is really the darkhorse of this competition. Just when everyone thought Sandra had it in the bag, everything can change. Catriona, though a surprise winner is deserving. I feel that she will not disappoint us come December. Congrats to Cory Quirino for putting up a good show last night. It was a night full of surprise winners and results

      • I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic but I wouldn’t call Catriona a dark horse… Her beauty was already noticed before the pageant even began lol (before casting dates were even announced actually ahahah). Most of us were just waiting for her coronation. Nonetheless, she’s truly deserving and I have good feeling about her chances in Miss World 2016. Feel ko she can reach the Top3 (might even win the entire thing if God forbids).

      • Everyone was expecting Catriona to win. Before the coronation night, we knew already she will be this year’s MWP. The coronation night was only for formality sake.

    • Very true, nakakadismaya si Sandra, inuna ang paglandi kaysa sa paggawa ng homework.
      Yearly, iyan ang tanong, hindi pa nagprepare?, nyeta.
      Kung ganyan sya katamad e magjapan na lang sya!

    • @ bong, no matter how u try to memorize your answer and for how long , it is not going to come out nice if you do not take the question to heart.
      honestly, I do not see anything wrong with Sandra\’s answer … not at all. in fact, I can swallow her answer more than most of the 5 finalists’.

  19. di ba pwedeng remediohan natin iyong kilay ni catriona parang medyo makapal ng konte

  20. USA will be her strongest competition . Her advantage is .. She is a lot more feminine and queenly. Her disadvantage is.. She is prob not as articulate and she is competing in the US. Whoever wins between the 2 is fine with me

    • Audra doesn’t scream Miss World to me. But she will probably place well in the competition.

  21. Another Miss World crown for the Philippines, she is stunning! Congratulations!

  22. Congratulations Catriona! Go get our 2nd Miss World crown! Julia Morley will love you.

  23. Even Indonesians tuned in to MWP 2016! It’s fun to patrol the perimeter while the rest of the country is fixated with everything happening indoors, so to speak..

    OT : Jennifer Hammond is at the NAIA ATM, for her flight to Sri Lanka. Go SLAY, Jen!

  24. I agree with giving the Mr. Gay world Philippines 2016-2018 consecutively to the 3. Khalil Vera Cruz is young but he already has the brains and credentials of a winner… 3 years is more than enough for him to bulk up and adress his weakness. I believe if John or Bench won’t win the International title, he might.

  25. I much more excited to see the second crown for the Philippines in Miss World.

  26. Congratulations to the both of you !
    I can just see our 2nd MW crown on Catriona 🙂 Way to go, girl ♥♥♥

  27. I have a really good feeling for Catriona. I think the stars are aligned for her. Great job to A&Q in finding these Filipina beauties and training/honing them to be the best they can be! So excited for her and Maxine.

  28. Why not BP for Catriona? I would not be ashamed if she won Miss U in the Philippines.
    She’s like the improved version of MW 2013

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