50 comments on “Sunday Special Sunday: Miss World Philippines 2016 and Mr. Gay World Philippines 2016

  1. Mr Gay Baguio answered the final question using the MGWP’s mission & vision verbatim. What a smart trick to challenge the mind💕

  2. Ayan si John nanalo… Congrats… natawa ako sa ending…. astig! …. beso-beso with other contestants… hahaha…

  3. OMG… anyare na sa Mr. Gay World… naging comedy bar na ang peg… Wala na ba ibang form ng entertainment?… Kailangan gawing katatawanan ang sarili?…Why not a world class performance from an LGBT member?… They are suppose to shatter barriers and stereo-types right?

  4. So now it can be said – naging busy pala ang KF (at di sumali sa MWP dahil) sa Mr. Gay World Philippines since may roles sila sa production. Pati si Janicel ay isa sa mga judges.

    That said, ang haba naman nitong program at intermission. At talagang pati ang Miss Universe Top 3 Q&A at crowning fiasco ay ni-reenact pa nitong group na to.

  5. Ang payat lang ni Zamboanga pero parang sya ang pinaka desserving. Me height and face din naman.
    Baka sya pa manalo… Sya na pinaka maayos mag Q&A.

  6. In fairness, natapos din coronation ni Catriona. Tagal niya naghintay ha, mga 3 weeks.

  7. Mr Gay Zamboanga del Sur-dark horse -for the win!!!!he surprised me with his communication skills

  8. MWP 2016 – Catriona Gray
    1st RU – Ariane Calingo
    2nd RU – Ivana Pacis
    4th RU – Marah Munoz
    5th RU – Sandra Lemonon

      • Mas maganda ang sagot ni Ariane, kaya s’ya ang 1st princess. Hihi!

        Si Lemonon, nagcho-choke! Yun, 4th princess lang ang lola. Ang Marah Munoz was a show stopper din ha, kabog ang JDV entry!

      • Their destinies winning a title in their respective international competitions are not determined by the special awards they get during their national competitions. Hakot queens sila kase they are stand out in their respective national pageants.

      • Considered ba na highest placement ito ng team JDV at our top-tier national pageant?… 2nd Rup before si Ali Forbes but that’s like 4th place from the winner which is BBP-Universe. In fairness, level up! At sya yung girl na pinuri ko na ang ganda ng styling sa glam pic.

      • @c2f, the Puno Queen Czarina Gatbonton was the highest placer of JDV Camp.
        She won BBP-World 2010.
        The last titleholder of the MW franchise under BBP.
        Ang puno ay nagbibigay buhay. Baw!

      • @Basil

        Ahhh team JDV pala bestfriemd mong si Czarina Gatbonton. Hahaha 😀

    • Hakot Queen pa si Cat, taking away the Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown, plus other special awards. Galing!

  9. The Top 5:
    Sandra Lemonon
    Arienne Louise Calingo
    Marah Muñoz
    Ivanna Kamil Pacis
    Catriona Gray

    The Top 12:
    Candidate No. 7: Sarah Margarette F. Joson
    Candidate No. 5 Arienne Louise Braga Calingo
    Candidate No. 13 Catriona Gray
    Candidate No. 2 Shena Saldivar
    Candidate No. 24 Yuri Yu Caunca
    Candidate No. 21 Marah Muñoz
    Candidate No. 12 Arah Alvero Salientes
    Candidate No. 23 Ralph Lauren Asuncion
    Candidate No. 8 Sandra Lemonon
    Candidate No. 18 Ivanna Pacis
    Candidate No. 4 Alyana Kagandahan
    Candidate No. 10 Kristine Lopez

    • Catriona Gray’s “torch” statement is perfect! Congratulations, Catriona, our new Miss World Philippines 2016!!!

  10. In fairness…Mas Bongga ang Mr. Gay World Philippines kesa sa Mr. Universal Ambassador held in Indonesia.
    Naku ha.. mangiyak-iyak c Inday Sultan Kudarat na napasali sya sa semi-F… Go Raffy G. Ayaw padapig sa ilaha. Go Bisaya… Ngem Ilokanoak met…kasanon…adda met ni John R nga taga Baguio. Nakasangitak pay gapo dyay kabsat na piman. Naguguluhan ako kung sino kaya lang Blood is thicker than water kaya John R. ako…
    Whoever wins, Good LucK sa international Competition.

    • Kahit ako maiiyak pag hindi ko ineexpect na makakapasok ako since may negative publicity ako prior. I’m happy that the Org did not judge him based on his past mistake.

  11. Aces & Queens styled Catriona Gray a la Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelley. She is uber glamorous!

  12. Why didn’t they just appoint John and Catriona? They do it with Mr World why can’t they do it with the other ‘World’ titles… they could have saved more money which they could have spent in turn for the preparation of our country’s bet.

    • The pageant is also their means to gain sponsors for the preparation of our bets. Sponsors preffer pageants than appointed ones because there would be more exposure for their business therefore there would be an earlier and more visible return of investment.

  13. The main reason why the LGBT community isn’t taken seriously is because of the level of animosity particularly among gay men. The namecalling. The homophobic slurs made by homosexuals themselves on fellow homosexuals. Gay men making it their habit to put down other gay men.
    We are seriously divided. It’s sad.

  14. Tito Norms, baka late na ako sa balita, pero, di ba dapat dadalo sina Mr. and Ms. World sa coronation ng MWP? Di na ba tuloy ito?

  15. @ Fabian Reyes : Namecalling comes with being gay in the Philippines. The bakla eventually learn to take the heat. And at this point, these gallant guys are used to it; it has become the least of their problems. Buti nga ganyan lang! Worse to be manhandled or subject to blatant “othering” like denial to attend church services or receive sacraments or participate in parish activities, as happens in other countries. And some gay guys actually enjoy it as a joke! My ten cents. Happy Sunday.

      • @Closer2Fame and @Fabian Reyes : Fair enough. We simply have different pain thresholds.

      • @Andrew

        I don’t mean to antagonize you. I do respect your opinion. I’m just loooking at the bigger picture. We may be able to tolerate these words but labels are powerful enough for it to allow ourselves to be put in a box made by society’s impression about us. It leads us to be segregated by society and then discriminated if one is brave enough to get out of that box. Allowing ourselves to be labeled creates conflict for those who don’t fit those labels and it also prevents some of us from doing anything else beyond it.

  16. Catriona Gray for Miss World Philippines
    Sandra Lemonon my 1st Princess
    Johnina Raspado for Miss Gay World Philippines
    Janjep Retokies my Miss Gay World Philippines 1st Princessa

    Good luck Girls may the best G&G wins tonight.

    • @basil, his name is john. show some respect if you want to be respected. what makes you think he wants to be called johnina?

      • diusmio, issuesera ka talaga Fabbie, punta ka sa kabilang lalawigan, andun ang pake ko sayo

  17. Dapat mag live stream din ang rappler. May mag fb live sa MWP.
    Catriona and Janjep for the win!!!!!

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