55 comments on “Kylie Verzosa: Keen on Victory

  1. This post is for Kylie. nakakaloka ang mga bakla, hindi matuto mag post ng related sa topics. di kayo makaantay beh na ipost ni Tito Norms ang mga OT posts niyo? kaloka.

    anyway, Kylie is looking gorgeous now, mas nagmukha siyang porcelain doll! I don’t know what they did or is it just about the styling, but mas proportion na ang facial structures niya. she knows her angle and without moving, kita mo na agad ang sophistication sa aura niya. She’s really in it to win it! Goodluck Kylie!

    Tito Norms, she’ll be wearing Libiran di ba? pati ba ang national costume?

  2. Kaloka talaga tayong mga Pinoy 🙂
    Kung c Meki ang napili ay OK lng at ibabash c Janine kung bakit naligwak.
    Dedo sina Olivia at Dayana sa NU Muses ano ba.
    Kung mananalo c Kylie ay dami pa ring koda.
    Kung matalo c Kylie ay napakaraming koda na million times ang push button replay hanggang masiraan sila ng bait ..hihihi
    Iba na talaga ang mga SIKAT 🙂
    Koda pa more baka mapansin din kayo ng @nu_muses . hihihi

  3. This Post was supposed to be for Ms. Versoza, but apparently Ms. Tugonon’s recent exploit has proven irresistible. LOL. Sorry po, Mr. Tinio.

    @ Christi Lyn McGarry Valenciano : Yes, hopefully it all proves rewarding for her.

    Wala siyang pinag-iba sa fresh graduate na malaki ang ginugol na oras sa paghanda ng kagalang-galang na Resume at bumili ng bagong damit at sapatos upang maging “presentable” sa Interview sa Human Resources Department. Maraming panalangin kay Saint Jude at Saint Monica upang matupad ang hangarin na magkaroon ng trabaho. Matagal na naghintay ng tawag. At BIGLANG MAY TAWAG! Nataranta. Niyakap ang kauna-unahang pagkakataong tumambad sa kanya. At sinabi sa sarili : “Don’t overthink it, Janine”. Minadali? But did she really have the luxury of time?

    If it turns out to be “something (that) is not right” (as you state here), then I am quite sure she has the guts and smarts to work around it and turn it to her favor. It was her belief in her self that encouraged her to let go of what she had here in Filipinas and set her sights on the Bigger Prize. Certainly all this could merely be a blip on the radar of pop culture and she may return to the long, hard, and dusty road again afterwards. But as long as she believes in her capabilities, she will LIVE.

  4. Gusto ko lang mag react sa mga sinasabi ng mga bakla tungkol kay Janine…mga ipokrita. Buti nga napili sya eh. Kung sila Olivia Jordan, Diana Mendoza eh di napili tapos ngayon dami nyong sinasabi . Hayssss mga pinoy nga naman. Kaya di nakapagtataka na ang mamamatay tao na presidente eh suportado ng karamihan

  5. Yung slim chance na yan fabian ay para kay janine. Kailangan lng nya ng project na masasabing pelikula nya talaga yun with award-acting performance like Lea to Kim of Miss Saigon. Puede naman cyang magpaenhance to a person that the people want bago cya sumikat as film actress.
    Daming Hollywood stars na chaka doll bago sumikat. Nag acting lesson na yata cya. Puede ring martial arts training without being muscular and maintain her model look.
    Let’s see what will happen within 2 yrs☺

  6. Parang tama hula ko sa Top 10 ng Miss U:

    Yaaaaas Queen. #MissUSA

    A post shared by Miss USA & Miss Teen USA (@missusa) on

  7. Im sure that kylie v will bag the crown come oct 27. just as im sure that Pia will win the last time.

  8. with this sweet and clean beauty, it is very easy to imagine kylie winning miss international.

    • Fabian, akala ko ba top 15 or Top 10 cya. hihihi
      Sa speech lang yan magkakatalo fabian, kaya Best Actress dapat ang aura ni Kylie sa makabagbag damdaming speech na yan 🙂
      May Speech training ang BbPilipinas diba?

      • @bong , I was just responding to Jeremi’s prediction that Kylie was gonna be Bianca 2.0. Honestly , I had lost confidence in Kylie until I saw the pics above . Now I know she has a fighting chance … Especially with her sweet extremely feminine voice.

      • Some irresponsible rumor mongering from certain gossip blogsites. The supposed original source of the rumor, DOT USec Kat de Castro, has since denied the rumors.

  9. Based on pics above, Kylie has a very god chance of winning MI ..with her sweet face and sweet voice.
    Jennifer too is likely to do well.
    As for Nicole, they need to find a way to make her face look more pleasant. Something is not right . She has lots of potentials but they have to de-Jonalyn -ize her

  10. @ Fabian Reyes : She apparently quickly and/or conveniently “forgot” her religiosity. She admitted in interviews that she is struggling in New York. Hmmm… In any case, we (some, including myself) commentators were more than willing to help when she asked for votes. Let’s just pray this one job will lead to brighter opportunities. 🙂 So she will not have to “do this again”, if morality is an issue.

  11. Hi Kylie ☺
    I love u. Agpasyarak to dyay Baguio nxt year. Mailiwak ti Baguio City. Pasyarek ti Baguio aginggana Sagada ken likawek ti ilocos sur ken norte.😄
    Good luck👍

  12. Malaking Capital OOT ito😃
    Pasok sa Banga c Janine Tugonon.
    Wala c Dayana, Olivia, Meki at Natalia😯
    Mag-iingay na naman ang mga ipokritang mga “Birhen at Holy, Holy, Holy” organization kapag nakita ang artistic nude photo ni Janine😂😊😀😄😃


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  13. @ Philip de la Torre : Oh. One of us commented earlier that it was Meki Saldana that got in and Janine got the boot. Anyhow, at least a Filipina will grace the calendar. Hope it could be made available in the Philippines in time for Christmas. It would make a nice give-away to male colleagues.

    Kylie Versoza GOT GAME. She will SLAY. It will be the forces beyond her control that should cause us concern. And if the stress proves too much, some sake can soothe the nerves… or Kirin beer for us who cannot afford the hoity-toity rice wine. LOL.

    • @Andrew: Below is my comment sa Post about my dear Hammond. Nasulat ko na “Parang” kasi sa NU Muses website dati ay from 100 pictures of models ay naging 30 models finalist ang pinost nila na kasama c Janine. 2 days ago ay naging 19 pictures na lang at wala na si Janine sa pictures, pero walang sinabi na doon sa 19 pictures lang kukunin ang Top 12 kaya nasulat ko na “Parang(same as Baka)”.
      Ito yung napost ko:
      Parang out na c Janine T. sa Nu Muses Models… C Dayana, Olivia, Meki Saldana and Natalia Lalonde na lang ang naipakitang mga latest pics sa Nu Muses site.
      We will know the Final 12 in few hours🙂
      Anyway, i’m very happy with the result… L8s Celebrate kasi mas sisikat pa si Janine di lang sa Modelling kungdi makakatulong ito for her to penetrate Hollywood 🙂

  14. I like the fire on this girl, she looks determined, well-prepared and fierce. She’s got a winner mentality which makes all the difference during prelims. Best of luck!

  15. I wish her the best! SHE IS DETERMINED. God bless her!

    OT – Janine was picked as one of the NU Muses for their calendar. Congrats to Janine!

      • @bong, Janine professes to be very religious but she has agreed to pose nude for $10K , hypocritical? hihihi

      • @Fabian : Oo. Nude is an art naman sabi ni Janine kaya malaking issue talaga sa simbahan ni ipokrito kapag lumabas ang artistic nude pic nya . hihihihi
        Biglang Sikat ang Nu Muses and Treat! Magazine. 100% kita ang dalawang maliit na bundok at maaninag ang magandang flower shop. hihihihi.
        May documentary film pa yan na maipapalabas sa TV worldwide.
        Biglang Trending ang Lola Janine at ang Talent Fee tataas ng 100,000% per hour. hihihihi
        Magiging Sikat na syang hollywood actress. hihihihi

    • mainit init pang nude photo ni janine. baka di na maka kuha ng invite mula sa cubao si ate janine. charot

      • ipost ko sana from instagram ng NU Muses. hihihi
        JawsKuh naman Greige, pati ba naman desenting kabuhayan eh pakialaman pa ni MSA. Tapos na ang BbPilipinas plastikan days ni Janine and she needs to go on the highest level.
        Mas “karumaldumal” pa dyan kapag sikat na syang aktress sa Hollywood 🙂
        Kung makaDonald Trump naman c MSA, stop it madam. Go Maribel “Isla” Lopez… hihihi na lol pa 🙂

      • Something’s wrong.. i don’t like it.simple.sorry. 😶 “Kung ano ang taas ng lipad.. Siya namang lagapak kung bumagsak… ” is it too soon for Janine to do that. is it really a need to pose nude that soon to gain opportunity. Charo Ronquillo have done it na di naman nagmukhang pokpok. sorry i never been a fan of her. She has a degree, gamitin nya yun.

      • @cirujuano:
        Casting pic lng naman ito. Bata pa naman sya and oppurtunities are coming. Kung hindi man sya magsupersucceed ay puede cyang bumalik as pharmacist pero mas maganda magdoctorate sya para mas malaking kita. She can go to business as she mentioned sa interview nya.

      • Diusmio, dumayo pa ng NY para lang tumuwad.
        Buti pa si Aileen Damiles, ginamit ang utak, Danding Cojuangco lang naman ang nabingwit nya.

      • bong700:ok.go janine go.if dyan ka masaya. 😊 hope regrets not in sight for her.. tsk tsk tsk.. to early to show the monkey. damn!

      • @ bong, unless u are black white or Hispanic, your chances of making it in holywood are very slim. and it’s worse if you are not from the far east.

      • I’m not sure if this is a good move for Janine. Something is not right. Parang ngmadali. I hope I’m wrong.

        Money and fame isn’t everything.

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