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  1. Tabain talaga tong si John… Ang bilis lumobo… Cute naman… Pero he looks his best when he’s lean and fit. There is a great chmace he would win Mr. Gay World!

  2. I hope the organizers do not make them do silly dances while walking the runway like in Mr. World come pageant night.
    Sana formal and professional ang presentation so that the pageant will develop more credibility and not be taken as a joke by both straight and gay people.

  3. Can a straight guy join this pageant? Is there a specific rule in Mr. Gay Phil. or Mr. Gay World that states only gays can join?

  4. I wonder if a man who is not gay will be allowed to join this pageant. Is there a specific rule in the Mr . Gay Phil. or Mr. Gay World that states only gays can join?

  5. An Open Letter to the Candidates of Mister Gay World Philippines.

    Dear Mr. John Raspado and others,

    It really is too bad that there is only one title at stake in this pageant that has caught everyone’s fancy. See C2F’s Final Hot Picks below; we wished.

    How fortunate you are that you live in a country that has tolerance and exercises circumspect, that refuses “to cast the first stone”, that gives everybody a chance to play even for a few minutes, and withholds judgment until the full truth is known. It can be worse in other places. In the last edition of Mister Gay World, for example, there were only four Asian countries that sent bets : Taiwan, Thailand, India, and our own. Hopefully there will be more this time.

    When you dig deeper, you realize that this pageant is everything about individual achievement, initiative, and pride. These are things shared and celebrated by all. It just so happened that you are gay.

    Please exercise discretion in all your dealings. All the “scandals” in social media attributed to you (and in some cases clearly of your doing) do you no favors. Stop taking advantage of each other’s fears and vulnerabilities. Help one another; mahirap mabuhay ng mag-isa. Maaaring hindi niyo pa nararamdaman because you are at the top of your respective games and races and at the prime of your lives right now. But innocence is the first virtue to go, and no one leaves this life unscathed. Life will catch up with you eventually, and serenity is the only thing you can take with you to Forever. Yes, may Forever!

    So make the most of your remaining time together. Use it as an opportunity to right wrongs, to correct misconceptions, and emphasize strengths and downplay flaws. Dahil back to reality kayo, at tayo, after the pageant. Iilan lang ang papalarin. Ang maliligwak ay uuwing luhaan – but hopefully these will be tears of joy. Ang hirap ng buhay; we don’t need anymore misery as it is.

    Before “gay” came to mean homosexual, it was the synonym of “happy”. We, the commentators of your Tito Norman’s blog, hope that you all are. Or will be.

    Happy trails. 🙂

    • I agree with you Andrew. Mr Gay World and the likes is one perfect platform for the LGBT community to prove its worth as member of the human race. Pag ito ay kanilang “binaboy” lalo lang nitong hihilahin pababa hanggang putikan ang LGBT. This will either make or break the LGBT.

      • I did not say it’s the only platform. Yes, there are many other platforms and Mr. Gay World is just one of them. You cannot deny nor ignore the fact that beauty queens and kings from reputable pageants are adored and revered by many around the world and hopefully, just hopefully, those in between — gay beauty kings and queens — will achieve the same status.

  6. Same Top 4…

    John Raspado for Universe.
    JanJep Carlos for International
    Bench Ortiz for Earth
    Khalil Vera Cruz for World.

  7. We have the same pick TIto Norms, John Raspado! but next to my list is Bench. wala akong na fi feel kay Janjep e. lol

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