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  1. Postscript.

    This was prompted by one of the more recent comments that the MGWP was better than the MUA.

    I will attempt an explanation here as to why the MUA Finals Night paled miserably in comparison.

    It is because it was DELIBERATE. And not for a lack of budget, as one of the live stream comments went. On the contrary, I feel the pageant organizer has more than enough cash.

    Mr. Edin Mohommed of Indonesia Male Pageants Organization (IMPO) probably thought it was best to do away with a grandiose Finals Night for the following reasons :

    1. The Preliminaries -World Speech, Sports, Oral Presentation, Swimwear, Talent, NatCos, Glamshots, Receptions, etc. – were already conducted in respectable-enough (and in a few cases, actually breathtaking) venues. And the accommodations provided to the candidates were certainly NOT plain army barracks! For those of us who regularly checked online, I think it is safe to say Andrea and his friends were given the finest hospitality befitting country reps. Considering past “horror stories” of candidates complaining of inadequate food, rundown (even potentially dangerous) photoshoot locations, and cramped quarters, I would not mind a simple carnival stage for Finals Night. Anyway, they are men, aren’t they? And men aren’t supposed to be choosy.

    2. Indonesia, despite being a relatively more open country in the family of Islamic nations, is still by and large conservative by Western standards and one virtue stands out particularly here in Asia as being highly regarded: modesty. The “very basic” Finals Night may have been Mr. Mohammed’s way of bringing everything back down to earth again after the excesses of the Preliminaries. And then I recall the Finals Night of Mister International 2013 (where Filipinas represented by Gil Wagas nailed 3rd Runner Up) wherein the Swimwear portion saw the contestants eschewing clingy Speedos for loose board shorts and tank tops, reportedly to avoid offending the locals.

    3. By keeping the Finals Night “basic”, there would be less pressure as far as coming up with a bigger and brighter Third Edition is concerned. And with the recent Steve Harvey- style “error” (na-Colombia rin si Andrea. LOL), I have a gut feel that Vietnam (yes!) will be the next host. And why not? Vietnamese are also pageant-mad (probably as a result of their hosting the MU some years back, I think) and they gave outgoing Ambassador Daniel Christian Ortiz a rousing welcome when he last visitted the newly-emerged Boomtown of ASEAN to crown that country’s rep to the just-concluded MUA 2016. Awarding Vietnam the honor and responsibility may be IMPO’s way of “making up” for the “error”. And Vietnamese LOVE pageantry. And they have money. PWEDE!

    Let me end by saying that one of the live stream comments state that the IMPO bosses met with the National Directors just prior to Finals Night, obstensibly to hammer out some “mutually-beneficial” arrangements. So was the MUA 2016 a “cooking show”? If it was, then they kept the evidence very well hidden because nobody of any “authority or (moral) higher-ground” complained. Even Globalbeauties hailed the results as “fair”. And for those of us who very closely monitored, even scrutinized, the day-to-day dialogues on Facebook, you got the sense that the ones making these potentially-damaging allegations were employees of IMPO themselves! Even if they conversed in Bahasa Indonesia, one could still get a sense of what was being discussed by reading between the lines and taking context clues into consideration. And yes, let us not forget that at the end of the day, Mr. Mohammed is still a businessman. And a shrewd one at that, apparently.

    And I have no problem with that at all. LOL.

  2. Tito Norms, I’m just wondering – why haven’t you blogged yet about the outcome of Mister Universal Ambassador 2016? Andrea Biondo’s placement in a field of highly competitive contestants is something we Filipinos should be proud of and a feather in GOP’s cap, don’t you think so?

    • I’m also wondering. Baka hindi na makaget over si Tito Norms… Wait na lang tau..

  3. Congralutations to Mr. Serbia for winning the title Mr. Universal Ambassador and Mr. Philippines Andrea Biondo for placing 4th Runner-up.

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