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  1. I like Puerto Rico & Brazil.
    Spain is handsome, his hairline is thinning though.
    Some of the men have thinning hairlines actually.
    Wishing Mr. Philippines the best of luck.

  2. Some background : In the inaugural edition last year, Filipinas was represented by Alexis Martinez, a batch mate of Neil Perez at Misters of the Philippines 2014. He made the cut in both the World Speech contest and the Top 15 on Finals Night.

    Comments to Mr. Tinio’s individual choices :

    1. Netherlands – this half-Dutch half-Indonesian also represented his country at last year’s Mister International in Manila (won by Switzerland’s Pedro Mendes, who is actually of Portuguese extraction). Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and a strong contender for the Popularity and Official Vote, he has supporters in the Philippines owing to his previous association with Mr. International (through GCI’s rival camp) and imho has actually taken some Filipino votes away from Andrea. Unfortunately, he has placed in NONE of the competitions where results are given to the public – Sports, Swimwear, and World Speech. All he can rely on now is his affinity with the locals!

    2. Bosnia-Herzegovina – The 1st of the Cuteness Overload Trio. Mesmerizing GREEN eyes! But like Netherlands, he has placed in NONE of the competitions. Physique leaves much to be desired; in fact a little baby fat perhaps. However, he is shortlisted for the Photogenic Award for his sultry gaze and youthful good looks.

    3. Australia – Winnable! Not very tall, but he placed in both Sports and World Speech and will donate USD 500 that he managed to raise from family and friends prior to flying to Indonesia with two (2) surfboards in anticipation of a fun time in Bali. LOL. Tanned skin and rugged good looks are the hallmarks of the active outdoorsy Aussie male. And his victory should help in improving strained relations between neighbors Australia and Indonesia on the arrest of Australian drug traffickers in Bali mostly.

    4. Colombia – He and Australia could be “separated-at-birth” brothers actually. LOL. Placed in both Sports and Swimwear. But nothing else to remark on.

    5. Malaysia – The epitome of swarthy – tall, dark , and handsome. Like Andrea, placed in both World Speech and Swimwear. Has found favor with the locals for his nonchalant ways and cool / easy swagger. “Bumbay” like Karan Singhdole (Man of the Year 2016), and just as effortlessly endearing.

    6. Indonesia – Andrea’s roommate in Bali and not immediately remarkable. But give this slow-burn type of guy time to work his magic and you will be hooked eventually! As is typical of Indonesia’s bets in previous Mr. International campaigns (Albern Sultan in 2013 against our Gil Wagas, and Kenny Austin last year against our Reniel Villareal), his physique is not ripped/toned just lean strong muscle that shows its worth in the Sports competition. And he charmed the judges at the Talent competition with his Jed Madela-like voice! Obviously a contender for the Popularity Award.

    7. India – Not sure what the attraction is with this guy. Not really in the same looks department as Karan, Mohit Singh (Mister United Continents 2016, recently crowned here in Manila), or Rohit Khandelwal (Mister World 2016). Could be that he is ebullient and charming. Placed in Sports, though.

    8. Kyrgyzstan – “Baby Boy” is the second of the Cuteness Overload Trio. Hailing from the obscure Central Asian country with only one vowel in its name -KYRGYZST(A)N, this Law student holds black belts in karate and judo. He arrived in Bali concealed in a black hoodie, whereupon his dark blue eyes were promptly revealed together with a deliciously boyish smile once he pulled off the garment at the Registration Desk. Despite being shorter than most of the others, he placed in Sports and is up against Spain and fellow-Cuteness Bosnia-Herzegovina for the Photogenic Award. In videos taken by Andrea and Sash Factor, he greets his Filipino fans – “Mabuhay” and “Salamat”. PWEDE!

    9. Algeria – Why him, Mr. Tinio? 😦 He is constantly preening and posing and playing the cool card to death! His failure to place in World Speech – where he had the gall to stick his tongue out in jest in the presence of Pageant Owner Mr. Edin Mohammed – may confirm that he is all form and no substance. Placed in both Sports and Swimwear. His fans CLOG up FB with sequential mindless replies in an obvious move to box out supporters of other candidates; they even infiltrated the FB post of Bodyshots 2016 at Sash Factor with their irritating “Mazi!”. The scoop on this winner of Mister Planet 2016 is that he resigned to compete in Indonesia. Better work-related opportunities in Southeast Asia, perhaps? Whatever his story is, I JUST HATE THIS GUY. NAKAKABANAS.

    10. Brazil – The smile and easy warmth reminds us yet again why we love Brazilians! Also placed in World Speech and Swimwear. He famously doused himself with (bottled) water at the beach to cool down during the Sports competition. Tall and rosy fair-skinned, he stands out in group photos all the time. He, like Australia, will donate some money to the orphanage they will visit today.

    11. Peru – Placed in THREE competitions – Sports, World Speech, and Swimwear. Tahimik lang at hindi gaanong umeeksena, the type that wins male pageants. Winnable like Australia.

    12. Puerto Rico – Did a Sam Ajdani and arrived late, missing critical early competitions in the process. Daniel Christian Ortiz rushed to the airport just to make sure his compatriot made it in safe and sound. Tall and in possession of a long and elegant ripped torso like Senyor Ortiz, he made his mark at Swimwear. And in subsequent shirtless photos, he is a sight to behold, indeed.

    13. Dominican Republic – This Latino version of Karan Singhdole (do you notice a pattern here? – LOL) is another Winnable. Friendly like Brazil and earning World Speech and Swimwear placings, he organized a Zumba Party as his Heart of Ambassador Project (similar to Andrea’s Fun Run and obviously inspired by Miss World’s Beauty With A Purpose peg).

    14. Spain – A powerhouse in male pageantry. But imho Spain can do better than this. We have seen more handsome Espanyols in previous pageants, and by Spanish standards he actually looks quite ordinary. Sorry, Mr. Tinio. His modelling prowess will come in handy as he vies for the Photogenic Award. Placed in Swimwear; nothing else.

    15. Andrea is having the time of his life! Everything is new and delicious to him; para siyang preso na nakawala sa Munti. It sometimes seems he is losing himself in all the wonder around him. His handlers even failed to provide his Profile in the MUA website (not that the other candidates did, but hey, you do not want to overlook such an obvious matter and look bad to the pageant organizer by not taking full advantage of the various opportunities at their disposal to promote candidates).

    My additional comments :

    1. Macau, the third member of the Cuteness Overload Trio, is cuter than Kyrgyzstan, imho. Also placed in both World Speech and Swimwear.

    2. Sweden has been overlooked! Manly-handsome. Placed in both World Speech and Sports. If Mr. Edin Mohammed is considering a European for the 2016 edition, he is a good alternative to Netherlands.

    3. My spoiler is…BANGLADESH! Yet another placer in both World Speech and Swimwear, he was very cool and composed in the Final Panel Interview and is like Peru : tahimik lang, hindi pilit ang ngiti at thumbs-up. And if Mr. Edin Mohammed wants to make a BOLD statement to the male pageant universe, none could be bolder than crowning this proverbial underdog of underdogs.

    4. Romania, Serbia, and Greece give credence to early declarations that Europe will take this edition of Mister Universal Ambassador. If facial beauty alone were the criteria, these three would place.

    5. Congratulations to Willan Pagayon for the honor of hosting tomorrow night. And if I am not mistaken, Reniel Villareal is now based in Jakarta as a model. Hope they meet up.

    6. Venezuela got caught up in LAX due to passport and/or visa problems. See him next time?

    7. Rafal Jonkisz of Poland, as speculated, totally disregarded participation in MUA 2016 and is obviously all psyched up to please the hometown crowd at the inaugural Mister Supranational on December 3. Filipinas will be represented by AR dela Serna, the Manor-Bred Boholano whose victory fueled allegations of a cooking show at the recently-concluded Misters of Filipinas pageant.
    Joanna Eden will slug it out with the other ladies the day before, December 2. Imho, they should both get tans, as they will be competing in early Winter in a part of the world that likes bronzed skin as an aspirational souvenir from a holiday in some tropical getaway like Filipinas. Pale skin not cool.

  3. infairness naman kasi sa Mister Universal Ambassador, hindi nganga ang winner nila after the pageant. madami daming ganap si christian daniel ortiz around the region. kaya siguro anlaki ng tinalon ng dami ng contestants this year. ipagpatuloy lang nila yan, keep it classy and busy.

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