27 comments on “Who will win Miss Global 2016?

  1. 4th – Norway
    3rd – Czech
    2nd – Aus
    1st – Phils
    Winner – Angela Bonilla – Ecuador

    Very regal, you deserve it!

    Camille you did great and we are still proud of you.

  2. Miss Australia for me. She’s every inch a beauty queen, Camile may not be the conventional queen (nothing wrong) but based on the pics, that Aussie girl is the run away winner already. Camile is my second best though.

  3. Ewan ko ba sa inyo mga vhaks. Dapat kasi, hindi natin i-base ang winner basi sa sash factor. I-base natin yan kung sino ang deserving. Kung deserving naman si Camille manalo, hindi na issue yun. Hindi na dapat tignan kung anong country. Ang tignan, ay kung deserving ba ang contestant.

  4. I think Camille is cute, especially with her short hair… but I honestly don’t think she’s the prettiest one nor the complete package. If she did not have the Philippines sash, I probably would not have even noticed her. Oh well, if she wins… we’ll still celebrate of course — but I hope not at the expense of a truly deserving winner.

  5. Ang ganda ng Sweden, kaya lang medyo tabachingching! Hihihi.
    I don’t mind if Australia will win a back to back. Philippines is first runner up.

    Pero kung Philippines ang manalo e di wow! Hihihi

  6. Ibigay na ang title sa Pinas para wala ng sasali sa lahat ng patimpalak sa kagandahan. Nx month ay 3 crowns nman ang iuwi ng Pinas. May MU at MW pa para sa Pinas. 😄lol

  7. Frankly Philippines-based pageants need to be more selective in when they choose to crown their own delegates (looking at you too, Earth). It looks bad and makes the pageant community think the Philippines’ organizations are self serving and not based on merit.

    Best of luck to Camille, she is certainly beautiful.

      • OO Nga hindi sya Philippine franchise. They are just using pageant popularity in the Philippines to market the brand. That’s why Philippines will win. They want to increase their exposure. Deserving naman si CJ eh. She’s very edgy and has this winning charm when you look at her.

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