13 comments on “When Raymond shoots Queens

  1. maxine’s features are so delicate, i think she looks best with the hair away from her face and simply styles

  2. Si nancy pala ung naka swimsuit. I thought its nichole manalo. Waiting for nichole and joanna’s latest photo.

  3. Norms, was the photoshoot exclusive for A&Q only? Wonder if he did for Nichole and Joanna too. I want to see Joanna Eden 🙂

  4. Absolutely stunning pictures, all of them!

    OT – Janine made the cut in NU Muses. Now let’s pray she makes the final cut!

    • @ Philip de la Torre : What about Meki Saldana? If they both entered the Top 20, I feel isa lang sa kanila ni Janine ang kukunin for the Final 12. Parang mas gusto ko na si Meki. Mas earthy and down-to-earth siya. And how did Olivia Jordan and Dayana Mendoza do?

      • Both Olivia and Dayana also made the cut. Don’t know about Meki, forgot to look for her, I was so excited for Janine. I understand your preference for Meki and she seems like she is more earthy but in this case, perhaps ethereal might be more of what they’re looking for which Janine can be. If that is the case, you’re right, they’ll probably only pick one of the two. For updates, Google NU Muses and it’ll take you to their site.

      • Meki Saldana made it, too. Instead of 20, 30 women were chosen as finalist. I hope Janine makes it to the magic 12.

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