10 comments on “Buon viaggio! Have a good journey! Maligayang Paglalakbay! #LabanBiondoPusongPinoy

  1. He certainly looks a lot better than the people in the background . But I still Have doubts.
    Did he join the wrong competition ? He is a little effeminate

    • Communication Skills + Enthusiam, sana baon nya yan sa Indonesia. Ang daming Delima ang bunganga na makakalaban nya kaya dapat tapatan nya or mas angat sya sa Best in Acting and dialogue sa mga kalaban nya at sa mga presstitutes and organizers sa Indonesia 🙂 hihihihi

  2. The costume photo could have been executed so much better. I am actually saying that the posted photo is very lame looking. And I am not even gonna apologize. The costume itself is great and the model is very attractive. But this photo didn’t do justice at all. Andrea’s stance could still be improved and his arms are too low considering his legs are not even spread wider apart.

  3. More than sixty (60) confirmed candidates? Too many for a male pageant, imho. Around forty (40) should be enough. Hopefully not all would make it to Denpasar. Fewer foes, less crowded field.

    Was THAT Job Abogado on the upper left hand corner of the photo montage? If his recent appearances in fancy gatherings and fashion runways are any indication, then at least appearance-wise he has somewhat improved and should be in top form just in time for his campaign in New Delhi in November. A cursory glance of his competitors online reveal few really good candidates; the ones at Universal Ambassador are more handsome. Job should fare well and hopefully exceed Arcel Yambing’s Top 13 finish last year. Rugged and exotic good looks, height, long lean limbs, and delicious chocolate-colored skin are his assets!

    And with the inevitable comparisons of the Gents to the new set of Misters, let me just say that the just-concluded pageant was marred by allegations of “cooking” on top of the Profiles of latecoming candidates never being posted, and even the burglary of the prizes – sash, plaque, and trophy – of the candidate from Northern Luzon! Their Formal Wear Preliminaries was spotty; suits of half of the candidates were off ill fit, while the trunks used for their Swimwear Pre-Finals were dissed as being little more than “pekpek shorts”. As one of us said, “Male pageants are ridiculous”. This one was.

    But going back to Andrea, I am fairly confident that he will make a respectable Final Cut finish. Even Indonesia Male Pageants Organization (IMPO) has declared him to be “so ready” and their FB comments suggest him as among the Pre-Arrival Favorites; they have picked up on his Italian extraction and resemblance to a male pornography actor – LOL! But he must not be complacent. In fact, Mr. Australia brought two (2) surfboards along with him presumably for the Beach Sports component of the Fitness and Physical Challenge. Or perhaps he would just like to have a good time in Bali. In any case, I ask us all to GET MORE PEOPLE TO VOTE for Andrea in order that he might be fast-tracked into the First Cut and get additional media mileage there. Unlike in the Misters Pageant, the Official and Popular Votes at Universal Ambassador place more emphasis on the ACTUAL NUMBER OF REAL VOTERS (the Shares) than the raw number of votes cast (the Likes). After all, repeatedly voting for the same candidate may give a false impression of a candidate’s fan base to demographers. Let us accept it : these “On-line voting” sub-contests are really nothing more than a marketing strategy of Pageant sponsors. And whoever wins will be made to start earning his keep at once. Just like Queen P being whisked away by the MUO right after her coronation.

    Again, more voters for Andrea, please! Pati sina Manong Guard, sabihan na. The next Vote Update will be at 5PM today, 20 September 2016. Let us pave the road to Andrea’s conquest! Go Filipens!

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