32 comments on “An October to Remember | Jennifer, Nicole and Kylie

  1. Chismiss muna:

    Indopageants released a photo of Felice Hwang (their rep for MI) having a consultation. On their laptop is a photo of Kylie. (Bwahahahaha). This was picked up by the pageant peeps so naturalmente warla mga bakla at baklang babae ngayon. According to Indopeants – sinadya daw nila ilagay photo ni Kylie dun to throw us off and threaten us. Weh…di nga?

    The Indonesian rep is training here in the Philippines and was recently given a glamorous makeover by Leo Almodal. If you compare her photos from the time she won until now…she looks more and more like Kylie so….

    • As if it would make any difference.
      Wahahaha Dream on ghuuuurlll!!!
      Ang mean ko hahaha 😀

    • I mean sure, you can paint spots on a camel and call it a cheetah, but you’re not fooling anyone. The greater insult- something which apparently goes above the heads of our Indonesian neighbours- is having their reps trained by the very people they constantly diss.

      • I agree with you. They are the Colombians of Asia. They attack the malaysians and the vietnamese constantly.

    • So meaning to say kylie is really a good example of MI queen thats why ginagaya nila. Hmmmm. Sa pic ni miss indonesia dyan halata talaga na parang aura ni kylie eh. And its true ba na kf ang nag te train sa kanya? Why? Dyan magaling ang kf sa MI so mag train ng iba para ibigay ang ilang secret nila? I think iwasan ni kylie makipagkita sa girl na yan while and2 pa sa pinas. Pero im sure jonas has a good plan for kylie. Alam nila yang pic na yan. Hehe. Pero ok din kung i share mo kay jonas yan or aces hehe.

      • Yun nga eh, sa IG groups namin medyo off samin yung pag train ng KF sa kanya. Parang kaka umpisa pa lang ng Pinas umariba nagbebenta na agad sila ng trade secrets. Oh wel…ang dating lang samin medyo na memersonal.

        The Indonesians I am very sorry to say are potty mouths. Wala talaga kong ka amor amor sa mga pinag gagagawa nila at pinag sasasabi but they have the money to fund the makeover of these girls so la tayp magagawa. Medyo tamad lang ako mag bigay ng proof pero that Felice looks more like Kylie now I swear.

      • Hinde man aminin. Halatado. Namemersonal ang kf. Parang na fe feel ko ang ugaling amplaya. Parang hinde talaga maganda. Kung mga pageants na hinde nila sinasalihan ok lang. Pero ung ganyan. Tsk. But anyway. Its business after all.They need to earn pa rin. Also almodal is the culprit of indonesias gown. Hmmm. Sino ang designer ni kylie? Pero laila. Iba pa rin ang original. Kylie is kylie. There are somethings pa rin na hinde magagaya. Compare their hearts. Their eyes. Yung light sa mata. And more.

        Here is kylie. What do u think?

      • Madalas damitan ni Francis Libiran si Kylie. Sana nga si Francis gumawa ng gown nya.

      • hindi daw kasi masyadong busy ang KF this pageant season kaya nag-train na ng ibang candidates. charot! Pero imbes na mag-train sila ng foreign girls, mag-focus kaya muna sila sa mga queens nilang lalaban this year? SI Nichole Manalo, humihina ang aura…si Joana Eden, ilang buwan na parang wala namang nangyayaring transformation or improvement…si Imelda Schweighart, ayun na-aksidente pa ang bibig dahil sa kaka-surf…eh kung binubuhos na muna nila ang time nila sa tatlong yan…lalo pa ngayon na hindi naman sila busy sa MWP.

      • For me, I don’t mind if KF trains other countries as long as those countries PAY. Sa hirap ba naman ng buhay ngayon sa Pilipinas, mamimili ka pa ba ng trabaho? And beauty pageants is what Filipinos do best, why not export the skills?

        They do this in sports. Former athletes go from one country to another to coach and EARN MONEY. For example, the head coach of the Canadian synchronized swim team was a former Olympian from China. The American ice dance gold medallists, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, were coached by a former Russian champion. Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan and Yuna Kim form Korea both received coaching from Canadian Olympian, Brian Orser. The whole US gymnastics legacy was built upon Romanian coaching.

        Just my two cents.

      • @Bee

        I wish KF does it like how Barazza trains and provides gowns for other country’s reps… Joke! 😀 Wahahaha Kidding aside… Patriotism sana umiral hindi crab-mentality and bitterness against rival camps!

      • i agree with bee.
        patriotism comes in all forms. the fact that kf ‘s expertise is being sought after by foreign delegates is something we filipino fans should be proud of . mas utak talangka if u think that kf is doing this out of spite.

      • Misters of Filipinas 2016 list of Winners

        *Mister International Philippines 2016 is Miguel Guia of San Pablo City

        *Man of the World Philippines 2016 is Christopher Dulagan of Cordillera

        *Mister Manhunt International Philippines is CJ Querol of Balagtas

        *Mister Supranational Philippines 2016 is AR De La Serna of Bohol

        *Man of the Year Philippines 2016 is Issa Janda of Albay

        *Mister Asian Philippines 2016 Vincent Jarina is Negros Occidental

        1st Runner Up is Jeremiah Nicolas Melbourne

        2nd Runner Up is Roshon Barman of Biliran Island

        Top 15

        Miguel Guia – San Pablo City

        Ichin Daclan – General Santos City



        Roshon Barman – Biliran Island

        Camarines Sur





        Issa Janda – Albay

        Sibuyan Island

        Davao Del Norte

        Negros Occidental

        Special Awards (2nd Set)

        *Mister Talent – John Glenn Seridon of Cagayan Valley

        *Mister Popularity – John Glenn Seridon of Cagayan Valley

        *Best In Ethnic Costume – John Glenn Seridon of Cagayan Valley

        *Mister Telegenic – Roshon Barman of Biliran Island

        *Mister Photogenic – Roberto Lim Jr of Romblon

        *Best In Swimwear – Ichin Daclan of General Santos

        *Best in Formal Wear – Issa Janda of Albay

        Special Awards (1st Set)

        *Mr David’s Salon – Issa Janda of Albay

        *Mr Skin Philosophie – Roshon Barman of Biliran Island

        *Face of Misters of Filipinas – Miguel Guia of San Pablo City

        *Mister One Canvas – Miguel Guia of San Pablo City

        *Mister Spiraederm – Jonathan Maniquis of SJDM, Bulacan

        *Mister Congeniality – Jonathan Maniquis of SJDM, Bulacan

    • Masaya ako at narerecognize ng Indonesia ang kakayahan ng KF sa MI competition. Meron naman Miss Sweden ang A&Q sa Miss Earth😊
      Ang sayasaya lng☺

  2. Good luck to all these three equally beautiful ladies – may you all do well in your respective international competitions… for the Philippines ♡♡♡ 🙂

    • Didn’t u say Janicel should win MW MU and MI? Why do u have to make such an inflammatory statement ?
      Yeah yeah yeah that’s how it’s gonna ‘ I believe’

      • @Fabian

        Well, with the right trainning, education and timing, Janicel Lubina is indeed desserving!

  3. Good thing 3 of the most boring pageants will be over by the time the 3rd biggest on Earth will culminate on October 29.

    • Mas boring panoorin ang Miss Earth kesa MGI sleauth sa totoo lang.
      Mas gusto ko na mas angat ang ME kc pinoy ako pero hindi eh.
      Kaya galawgalaw naman dyan Miss Earth Organization kung ayaw nyong masapawan ni Nawat.

  4. Honestly they are deserving winners. Pero ang pagkapanalo nila ay naka depende sa mga kalaban. May mas magaling sa kanila. May mas maganda sa kanila. But who knows. Baka manalo isa o dalwa o lahat sila. intercon at MGI nakakakaba. Dyan possible ang dayaan at lutuan. I still trust MI. Hopefully ung mga judges marunong talaga. So all i can say Good luck sa kanila lalo na kila nicole at jen. God Bless Them.

  5. The moment of truth for Team Phils. We had a good start with Karan Singhdole and right now, 4 pinoys are waging the good fight. Jeslyn, Nancy, Andrea and CJ good luck to all of you. Next month, the moment to shine for Jen, Nicole and Kylie.

  6. I am drawn to the make-up. Dreamily-rendered eyes and lips in fruity orange (Jen and Kylie) and cherry pink (Nicole). So nice.

  7. JoshKuh Ledesma😲
    Tatlong korona talaga ang iuwi sa Pinas next month😊
    Kabahan na ang mga kandidata sa MU at MW2016😃

  8. All three of them are has a very good chance to win three different crowns this year. Good to all three gorgeous ladies.

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