8 comments on “Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for Olay Total Effects

  1. This goes down with the C1000 TVC as not really nice. There is neither credibility nor imagination/creativity. Her “busy-busihan” is a sparring session with her trainer. We’ve seen this so many times in (women’s) magazines. And she isn’t known to be particularly athletic or combative in a defensive/martial arts sort of way. This “(literally) empowered woman” theme is so one minute ago!

    But beyond merely disapproving, I will also suggest an alternative scenario. “Busy-busihan” can be devoting a day to her favorite advocacy. And the image of the pretty face privately/discreetly being dabbed (gently) with the product prior to meeting with the beneficiaries is believable.

    Sorry for hating.

  2. Parang Skin ko lng, Courtesy of Beauche hihihi😊
    Question of the day (dahil love ko c Inday Ayegee) :
    Why this show, this country? Pak Ganern 😆

      • Kung ikaw c inday ivy grace c2f, anong reaction or gagawin mo kung niyakap ka ng host at ni Simon ☺
        Bakla rin yang c ayegee (ivy grace), pinakita sa TV Talentadong Pinoy na may partner cyang Tbird☺
        Buti nagkaanak cya courtesy cguro ng karelasyon nya sa mainit at mapanuksong Lugar sa Dubai dahil nag work din sya as singer sa bar 😊

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