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  1. Mga bakla, uso naman manalo sa Intercontinental yung mga mukhang bruha at eng-eng sa Q and A…si Jen, mukhang Thai…remember yung Thai na nakatalo kay Kris Janson dati? walang problema sa way nya na sumagot as long as makuha nya lang yung punto…so I still believe na mananalo ito..Korona na to…

  2. Miss Intercontinental is a minor pageant counterpart of Miss International that prefers VS pink aura-exuding women. The girl should be an Edymar Martinez prototype: a tall, slender, with classic, ethereal, youthful, doll-faced candidate. Also, Jen should study Edymar’s pasarela skills during since past winners of Miss Intercontinental has the same presentation skills with that of past Miss International winners. In terms of Q&A, the questions are very mediocre and commonly asked so Jen already has upper hand in this round since she answers really well. I know Jen wants Miss International but since Miss International and Miss Intercontinental are pretty much the same in terms of presentation skills, facial prototype and a give away Q&A, so I think she was rewarded somehow because she gets the training of a Miss International contestant and she’s given a bonus for winning the first Miss Intercontinental crown for the Philippines. I am hoping that she brings home the crown!

    • Teh, pwedeng paki-assume naman na gumamit ako ng judgment dun sa deservingness nung winner hahahahaha. My gawd, Kris Tiffany Janson was ala-Ruffa Gutierrez circa Miss World 1993. Moving back, siyempre naman hindi ano hahahaha. Basta Jen has to win.

  3. The bottom part of the swimsuit is a Total Fail. Parang punit punit at pinagtagpi na Jockstrap. Other than that, she looks ready colored contacts and all. #noTeaNoShade

  4. Pretty and tall indeed.

    But ..but..I recently saw Norman’s video post of her and Kylie Versoza …..and sad to say, Jennifer sounded so…shallow and hackneyed compared to Kylie. Ang babaw.

    It was also the first time I heard Kylie talked lengthily and I was impressed with her sincerity and intelligence. Thus making Jennifer suffer in comparison.

    Jen, try to be more sincere and stop giving rehearsed, miss universe responses that can be smelled miles away.


  5. Finally, ito ang pinakagusto kong packaging para kay Jen. GANDARA park ganern! Keep it up girl! Ikaw ang kokoronahang Miss Intercontinental 2016!

    • I really am hoping that Jen would bring home the crown since it is so overdue. I would like to comment that Jen should look like a mestiza Glamazon, have a banging VS model body and be fiercer. However, I realize that we’ve sent delegates with that kind of prototype, so right now, I’m clinging that Jen wins the competition by just being the best version of herself.

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