5 comments on “Jeslyn & Nancy | Guayaquil & Wenzhou

  1. “Their pageants may not have the glitz and glamour of Miss Universe”

    interesting you mentioned this. Miss Tourism Queen International used to have the glitz and glamour. 2007 and 2008 were the highlights of this pageant – reaching 100+ delegates – even surpassing Miss World in 2008, and having a lavish stage, and even Global Beauties praising and mentioned will take over Miss Earth in the grandslam list.

    But after 2008, the pageant never recovered because of bad organizers, poor management and lack of support. From 113 in 2008, last year they only had 54 contestants, the pageant postponed 3 times, and the stage from wow to blah, and only one website covering the pageant.

  2. May pag-asa nman silang manalo at sana nga ay manalo sila at dagdag na rin ito to promote Beautiful Philippines 😉
    Sali uli sila nx yr sa BbPilipinas and Miss Earth or MWP kung qualified pa sila☺

  3. To Ms. Leonard : The Chinese begin today the tradition called the Mid-Autumn Festival, better known to us Pinoys as the Mooncake Festival. Don’t forget to extend Best Wishes to your hosts today and in the few days to come. And grab the opportunity to gorge yourself on AUTHENTIC Chinese mooncakes; there is nothing like them available back here in Filipinas!

    To Ms. Santos : Hopefully you and your supporters took note of the comments given in Mr. Tinio’s earlier Post regarding your campaign there in Ecuador. I think you will agree that it is a beautiful country! Don’t forget to be gracious enough to ask the locals for help in brushing up your Spanish, even though you already took some lessons prior. They will appreciate the gesture.


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