18 comments on “The Psyched-Up Eva Patalinjug 

  1. I thought she would be our rep for Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International?She was replaced by 2nd Runner-Up Singh, saw it on Mutya ng Pilipinas page

  2. Sorry pero pang Minor pageant sya unless magpaOverhaul cya kay mama Jonas.
    Puede cya sa Miss Earth sa ngayon but not BbPilipinas.
    Paoverhaul na cya now habang maaga pa.

  3. Lips are too pale… the red eyeshadow looks out of place and its almost the same color as the blush… hair is too short thus it’s like showcasing the frizzy ends of this out of bed look which is not attractive… The blue pendant necklace is distracting and also looks weird because she’s wearing a necklace to sleep? She should focus on what to emphasize – eyes, lips or hair?.. all three are underwhelming.

  4. Better her to join Bb Pilipinas 2017 and she wil win Bb Pilipinas-International 2017 or Supranational or Intercontinental or the worst a semi finalist

  5. wala bang available na glam pics? o medyo maganda-gandang pic galing sa instagram?

    aminin, medyo di flattering yung last photo collage.

      • I think need more time to polished this lady. Wala ako makita spark sa eyes nya as a beauty queen. Parang hilaw na hilaw pa talaga sya. Mas maganda pa si Jeslyn santos sa kanya. So for now a minor pageants muna for her para mas mahasa sya.

  6. Uhmmm… Whatever it is, I have been so confused with the pageants that bear “Miss Tourism” title. If that reason makes me unofficial pageant enthusiast, then so be it. Basta nalilito ako d’yan. Lol.

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