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  1. Guys, look nyo to. May nag compile sa FB. OO nga laki na nga ng nabago sa knaya. Kala mo wala wala lang…

    • I love her look sa September compilation, very queenly dating nya. bagay pala sa kanya ganyang hairdo.

  2. Last na pramis….
    Kylie daw wala kase she opted to spend that day with the kids in Paranaque.
    Si jen naman walang balita baka may training?

  3. Don’t understand why they chose Philippijhes as darling if the press!! If they want to be taken seriously they should have chosen somebody else. These girls have travelled a long long way and not a local girl should have won.

      • 4M, nakita ko sa timeline ko one year na yung star magic ball appearnce ni Pia. After nun umariba na sya sa pagpapakitang gilas. Palagay ko medyo umpisa na to si Max magkaroon ng mas maraming exposure. People have been complaining that she isn’t doing anything so kita naman….laki na ng pinag bago. her face got smaller, natulungan pa ng contouring and her body is so lean now she looks so statuesque. If tatahi tahimik sya sa physical training nya, malamang she’s doing everything she can para umayos comm skills nya. day in day out si Cordoves kasama nya, siguro nag rub off na sa kanya Cordoves comm skills magic.

      • Good point but they are like BFFs before BBP so I think her issue really is stage fright. I saw she’s done some hosting stints locally and she’s reading up on books etc so she’s def doing all the right things. A&Q isrobably keeping it under wraps to avoid spoiling the pasabog come MU time. Smart move in my opinion. If you look at Indonesia’s IG, lagi sya photoshoots galore so we know how she looks already but with Maxine, at least everything is hush hush. I expect more from the camp come November-December.

      • Beucal at gluta ba yan?… Sabagay dito kasi gaganapin… Asian dominated audience so Asian standards of beauty and peg ganun ba?

      • She is more beautiful now and streamlined. Yung isa di ko talaga maintindihan kung maganda ba sya o hindi

      • Diyosaaaaaa, pak! Maybe it is on a camera angle, pero she looks taller now. Mahaba nang tingnan ang kanyang mga bihas! She screams Miss Universe. Kabog na ito, Lai. Malaki ang laban niya talaga, and I don’t care if it is a hometown decision.

    • Style-wise, she’s got it. Pero what comes out of the boca is more important… any news kung may progress ba? Parang na bermuda triangle ang news.

  4. Attention BPCI : Please seriously consider Ms.CJ Hirro’s perky hairstyle for 4M.

    It will help to set her apart from the other Asian candidates, who will surely keep their tresses long. And it will relieve 4M of the need to trouble herself with her mane during the MU pageant.

    Besides, it will suit her cheery demeanor and can be used by David’s to showcase their skills and new products. They could even make a video of it (Before-and-After transformation). 🙂

  5. Australia and Sweden!

    Maliit yata ang mga sash? Di ko mabasa yung mga countries. Hihihi

  6. I want australia to win. Very clear stans out sya. Philippines also stand out but i go for miss australia.

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