6 comments on “Getting to know the Mr. Gay World Philippines Official Candidates Part 1

  1. Ang laki ng binago ng mukha nila from the first photos released. Yung naka white shirt sila ang gwapo compared to these new photos, pataasan ng kilay ang peg #AllTeaNoShade

  2. I would like to take this opportunity to respectfully suggest to the Mister Gay World Philippines organizing committee to consider the possibility that it might be of some merit to TONE DOWN the Profiles of the candidates in the next Edition. Reading them is like enduring a nosebleed : credentials enumerated in painful detail. Nakaka-intimidate. Para kang aatakihin sa puso. Masyadong mabigat ang dating.

    I fully respect these beautiful young men in the prime of their virility and at the top of their respective games in life. But there is certainly a way to present them in a more down-to-earth manner. There is no shame in this, and may endear them to more folks.

    Naawa tuloy ako sa mga kandidato ng Misters of Filipinas. Compared to the formidable curriculae vitae of their homosexual counterparts, the Profiles of the straight guys look comparatively puny and modest.

    One of my manok, Sorsogon, is in this first batch of 12. Respect goes as well to the gay policeman.

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