13 comments on “And Shaina Sazon makes 7 for Aces & Queens in MWP2016

  1. Just imagine this post without opposing views. MWP2016 deserves to be talked about and not just a monopoly of a few opinion zeroing on one candidate. Pitiful.

  2. Comparing Charmaine with Catriona is like comparing apples and oranges; they’re just too different BUT on equal footing beauty-wise. It would be easy to dismiss Charmaine here just because she’s in casual mode. But we all remember the impact she made in 2013 (?).

    I just hope that maturity and experience has given Charmaine what she lacked when she first competed in Binibini- gravitas. But will she still be in contention for the MU crown as her loyal fans have always envisioned for her?

    We’ll see won’t we when she does return to the pageant stage…

  3. Nag sstandout sila in their own ways. Oo na elima is pretty. Pero Mas maganda naman si Cat kaysa kay Elima diba? aminin!!!!!

  4. Pipo, you’re like a bayarang troller cum basher here in this blog. Pwede ba, Catriona Gray knows naman na may ibubuga ang ang ibang girls so she’s being competitive din. At hindi na kailangang patunayan ni Cat ang sarili niya kahit kanino kasi she’s already proven her best. Alam mo, you don’t need to pull others down to bring your bet up.

  5. Sowee naman. I just feel that the crown is being given to her on silver platter and on account of practiced favoritism. And that she is on a pageant where there is really no competition. Ditto, we are all reacting – meaning, its awareness on a season of cold MWP 2016. Peace to all and Catriona!

  6. I guess that this Shaina Sazon will be fielded in BBP in the future years to come, she has the aura that can be transformed to a BBP candidate or probably a winner. Cant wait for Elima’s return in pageantry.

  7. Charmaine Elima is pretty. Thats what am telling Sir Norman, let Catriona Gray stand side by side with real beauties and she will actually appear to be very flat. Walang halos ayos yan, pero nilamon ni Elima si Gray sa picture. Try Ann Colis too with Gray, and…

    • Dibale ng flat. Wag lang obese. Kaysa naman sexy nga ganda ng katawan palakpak lang naman ang papel sa pageant.

    • @Pipo

      Oo nga… bakit parang ang laki ng galit mo Catriona? Medyo agree ako sa flat pero in fairness, kinakareer nya ang BWAP… Anyway, wala naman swimsuit competition so ok lang na flat…. dba? 😀

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