8 comments on “Sunday Specials: October 27, 2016 is Kylie Verzosa’s Judgment Day

  1. Kylie is MI prototype too. She just need right amount of confidence. Dont perform in the stage with unnecesarry acts. Like what she did in bbp 2016. Dont be fierce. Her eyes should shine with sweetness, innocent smile smile lang para mas makuha ang mas magandang gagamiting smile sa finals night.

  2. This is so hard to call- I like Kylie’s confidence, here serenity when she’s on stage. But then there’s the unpredictability of the Japanese organisers. Will they go for consistency (hence, choosing girls from countries who have consistently delivered such as Venezuela and the Philippines); or would they go for diversity & geo-politics (and choose countries whose girls have not historically fared well); or would they just go for randomness and pick one from under everyone’s radar??

    Whichever way they go, good luck to Kylie and may she do really well! (like cmon, enough with the pointless camp wars)

  3. It will be an uphill battle ahead as Venezuela is trying to get their 1st back to back victory at MI after Jaime-Angelia’s back to back victory at ME last year also some of the pageant fans think that Poland might win the pageant.

  4. Sidebar daw. Hays. Pagdating sa Aces & Queens lahat talaga eh babanggitin sabay bawi na sidebar lang daw. 🙂

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