9 comments on “Roshiel Asingua | From the Queen City of the South for Miss World Philippines 2016

  1. I initially wondered why of all the non-KF or A&Q candidates, Mr. Tinio opted to post an Individual Profile on Ms. Asingua. Well, it seems that one of the Gents has fallen for her Cebuana charm! And by some indications, the feeling is mutual. If so, then this will not be the first time that such a state of affairs has occurred. Mr. Tinio had already done a Post on the “unfeigned” romance between a former Mister International – Philippines and a former Mutya ng Pilipinas. And quite recently, we witnessed the love as Switzerland’s bet in the 2015 Miss Supranational pageant shed tears of joy when she witnessed, from the other side of the world and by the magic of the Internet, as her compatriot-boyfriend became that country’s first Mister International in Manila. Ah, l’amour! (puso) 🙂

  2. She will be the winner of Miss World Philippines 2016. Her height and her porcelain veneers will seal her fate at the pageant. I predict she will bring home the crown Miss World 2016.

  3. A semi-finalist placement is possible. She needs to change her veneers though as they overpowered face and just ruined her overall look.

  4. Akala ko ba walang KF sa MWP this year?

    Eh ang ngipin ni Roshiel ay KF Signature Veneers? #TeethPaMore


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