28 comments on “How to help Janine Tugonon in her latest achievement as a US-based model

  1. She looks so fresh and young in these photos as compared to the way she looked during the pageant itself but my admiration for her has not lessened a bit. More success,gurl and I hope all your dreams come true, good health always and be safe.

  2. @Jeremi: What’s wrong with Pia’s endorsement for a juice drink, YouC1000, in Indonesia? Do you have a problem with PIa’s other major endorsements, too? i.e. BDO, Cream Silk, PLDT, Olay, etc.

  3. David Bellemere is known for his nude photographs of women. This will shock many if Janine will get a spot on the list. But this is a great opportunity for her. Let’s support her!

  4. I do not know if this calendar is available in Philippines. But if someone – one of us, maybe – could find a way to get in touch with its maker and convince them/her/him that it would sell like hotcakes (or whatever we Filipinos like to HABITUALLY splurge hard-earned money on) if it were also released in Las Islas Filipinas (ASSUMING THAT IT IS NOT YET AVAILABLE LOCALLY), then Ms. Tugonon’s chances of being included in the Final 12 would be vastly increased.

    Glossy girlie calendars and magazines are a treasured luxury to the hot-blooded straight Filipino guy and are considered appropriate Yuletide gifts to the dudes and brothers! And at the very least, it should provide a more “global” alternative to those periodically offered by FHM Philippines, Ginebra San Miguel, Asia Brewery, and Tanduay Distilleries, among others.

    I hope Ms. Tugonon makes it to the Final Cut and that she will be named Ms. June, the month of our Independence. For she is in Singer/Songwriter Ne-Yo’s own words : “Miss Independent, that’s why I love her…”.

  5. I don’t understand why they always want to feature Filipinas like they were fresh from the boat or they were maids. Don’t they have the right to sophistication? I ain’t liking Janine’s pics above
    Pia , on the other hand , is gorgeous

  6. The three A&Q girls are doing well in NYFW – Pia, Val, and Janine. I’m glad they are going above and beyond their comfort zone i.e. settling in the Philippines. Indeed there’s a world rather the universe to conquer out there. Good luck ladies!

  7. Guys pati si val na walang malay pala kasa sa new York Fashion Week. Nakakatuwa namamayagpag sila doon kahit di naman megastar staus.

  8. naka 15 votes na yata ako! she’s no.1 now with over 2k votes almost 1k more than the 2nd spot. here’s the trick tho.. they will have the Top 20 that was voted by the fans.. and they will pick the top 12 of out of 20.. so parang… pag hindi na pick si janine parang ginamit lang tayo.. lols… anyhow, basta vote lang ng vote.. mamaya na magreklamo.. lol

  9. Kalaban pala nya dito e si Dayana Mendoza, Olivia Jordan and Natalia Lalonde…

    Kailangan manalo ni Janine!

    Guys let’s do this!

  10. Pag nanalo ba sya dyan, lalaki ba chance nya magong Victoria’s Secret Angel?… I voted for her using lahat ng email ko.. Pwede pala kahit ilang email… I’m thinking, pwede ba gamitin email sa mga listings… dami ko pa naman collected na calling cards… Share to all lalo na sa FB Pages and groups… Basil, she needs your help… She has to win! 😀

  11. That’s my girl. Go go go! Vote casted!
    Please hwag mong tanggapin pag may mag offer sayo ng commercial ng artificial juice drink sa Indonesia. Leave that to the Misses Universe. lol

    • What’s wrong with Pia’s endorsement for a juice drink, YouC1000, in Indonesia? Do you have a problem with PIa’s other major endorsements, too? i.e. BDO, Cream Silk, PLDT, Olay, etc.

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