23 comments on “Photo Blog | Miss World Philippines 2016 Official Candidates 1-12

  1. In this batch of the MWP official candidates, Arienne, Sandra, and Alyanna look lovely in that order. It may sound like these AnQ girls are my favorite, but it is not favoritism if they truly aced in their respective profile photo shoots. Perhaps, knowing their best angle in a photo shoot is a part of the AnQ training which is lacking in other camps. There are other girls here (such as Maria Paula Prose, Rosette Tayam, and Shenna Mae Zaldivar) who are beautiful, but are not stunning in their photos, maybe because they don’t know how to project in front of the camera or they just don’t know their best angles.

    Spot on! That girl on the rightmost and uppermost picture is best in projection and is a dark horse in this league.

    I am looking forward to the next batch’s profile shots AND (paging MWP Organizers) a glamour photo shoot of the candidates.

  2. Alyana Cagandahan could become this year’s 1st princess…. I notice how A&Q is packaging her like Ariela Arida… honor student… UP grad.. and natural big knockers!!! She tried Miss Earth 1st like Ariela… but here she went with Miss World before BBP?… Is she working her way up the pageant ladder? Could she be A&Q’s future bet for BBP Universe?… I guess she already had the veneers… nice fit bod… and Again, the boobs!!! 😀 I hope she start squatting daily to match her junk in the front. In time she’d look awesome in a Yamamay Swimsuit! 😀

    • Not to mention, her 1st name “Alyanna” means “vibrant and cheerfull” in English. It is a combinations of the cognate of the Spanish Elena which roots from the Greek Helenē (light, torch, bright) and the name Alayna comes from the Irish origin which means “Beautiful. Dear child”. Almost all cognates has a very positive meaning and ends with the letter “A”. While her last name literally means “Being Beautiful” in Tagalog but spelled with a “C” instead of a “K” due to Spanish influence… It is authentic, historical and meaningful. Perfect for international marketing and product endorsement that recalls “confidently beautiful”. 😀

      • As if the judges will have time to research the etymology of their names within e few seconds that they see them on stage… Unless the judge is an BP-0bsessed Filipino fan

      • @Fabian Reyes and @Pete : Nag-share lang si C2F. Calma lang. Hindi niyo ikamamatay iyan.

      • @Fabian

        It’s the upper tier pageant orgs who research on their names… They do background checks, what more about their names and their potential to be product endorsers?… Saan ka naman nakakakita ng pageant winner ang 1st name “Geisha” last name “Bagongahasa”?… Sa international pageant scene, saan ka nakakita ng representative natin na umabot sa Top 5 na ang apelyido e nakakatakot or nakakaawa? 🙂


        Epal lang?


        Thanks. 🙂

      • @andrew

        Nag share lang din ako ng opinion inday so kalma ka din lang. Walang kamatayang nagaganap inday. Fan ka din pala ng kabaduyan ng post ni Tandang c2f. Hahaha

      • @closer2lechus

        Your posts are the quintessential personification of irrelevance and nonsense. Mwah!

      • @closertofamewhore

        Sweet Jesus! Don’t flatter yourself manay, Hate is so extreme. i wouldn’t invest that much emotion in you. I don’t even know you. Ganito lang ka simple yan manay…those two ridiculous post on “names” made me cringe. Haha

  3. Three successive ‘all-praise’ blog articles about a highly favored but really deserving candidate. This is moot and academic.

  4. Something’s off. Who is that girl in the top right corner of the last photo? I don’t recognize her in the solo shots. lol

    • Something is wrong. That girl is missing who is supposed to be candidate no. 3.
      Siya ba si Rosette Tayam? Or nagkamali ng ginamit na photo si sir Norman?

  5. Totoo nga ang alingasngas at chismis na nasagap ko Kay Aling Siony na kabit ni Mang Kanor.
    Karamihan sa mga merlat ng MWP ay pamparami lang.
    Di hamak na mas maganda pa si Aling Iska na kalaguyo ni Mang Berto.
    Si Mang Berto na tanging saksi sa mga kabalbalan ng senadorang mapagmahal at namimigay ng mansyon.
    To cut the story short, ang mga merlat ay hindi pwede sa patimpalak ng pagandahan.
    Hindi sila pwedeng matawag na PAAAAAK GANERRRRRRRRNN!

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