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  1. @Mon

    Regarding similarities between Misses. Santos’ and Alonzo-Wurtzbach’s gowns, sometimes it works : emulating an earlier proven/successful design can elicit a psychological/emotional response from / connection with the judges or audience. Impact. Eksena, sabi nga ni Queen P. All strategy!

    And besides, there is nothing to prevent Ms. Santos and her handlers from deciding to use a totally different set of gowns come Finals night. Who knows what they have in their arsenal? At gown pa lang ‘yan! Revelation must be done carefully and timed perfectly.

    Good luck, Ms. Santos! Sungkitin mo ‘yang koronang ‘yan na super-PRETTY. And kudos to you for taking the extra effort to pick up a little Espanyol. The locals will appreciate it. Enjoy Ecuador!

  2. Parang sobrang Pia-inspired naman ang mga suot! All white for the nat cos with hair dress na mukhang pang-pope na may design. And royal blue color na gown plus inspired din yung ilalim na part. Hayyy sayang potential ni candidate

  3. Miss United Continents 2016 Crown is designed by a very talented Ecuadorian jeweler Christian Quintero. As per the organisers, the crown was designed using high-quality techniques of manufacturing. The crown is made of fine gold 925 and includes precious gems (topaz) and semi-precious gems (zirconium). This grand prize will be valued at $ 15,000 USD.

  4. Well, hindi manlang na trim ng maayos hemline ng national costume and the rosettes on the waistline makes her torso look boxy instead of an hourglass figure… Aside from the puckering of the blue gown, why is it that they were not even able to fix the ruffle of the skirt para manlang sa picture? Hindi panaman sya aalis…. sana ma edit pa.

    And yung kulay ng lipstick, too beige… more red/pink kasi gabi na…. and use some lip gloss on top… Mas maganda pa yan kung na drawing ng maayos yung cupid’s bow bago kinulayan…. Kailangan maganda ang lips pag malayo ang shot and madilim. At least maayos na ang mata and kilay.

    I want Jeslyn to do well dahil baka last na nya yan. Aral pa mag make-up sa Youtube pag may time. And don’t forget the Chinese maiden fingers when posing. I want her to win.

  5. Remember this is a second/third tier pageant so I assume that the budget is pretty low. She’s beautiful and in that aspect I think she has a good chance. The blue gown is fine. The National Costume not so much but it’s probably not a judging criteria.

  6. wait, so Her Natcos is what, Sinulog or Pearl inspired? Parang hindi tugma ang pagkaka-partner ng dalawang inspiration. I believe sinulog is colorful, lively and festive. that’s what i was looking for with this terno. hilaw na sinulog, hilawna pearl inspired. in short, hilaw din ang kinalabasan.

    I’m not being mean or what, but just my observation base sa description. The veil or ung extra cloth niya is. uhm.. di ko masabi. haha basta off.

    the headpiece is too big for her. parang the costume wears jeslyn, not the other way around.

    Her gown is okay. But i would love to see her in different color/s aside from Royal blue, Blush pink or red perhaps?

    Nonetheless, i hope madala ni Jeslyn ang lahat ng isusuot niya. Andiyan na yan, so support na lang.

  7. I don’t intend to bash here, but the quality of her costumes seems to have been those sold off-the-rack in Divisoria. Is that the way we dress a Philippine representative in an international beauty pageant?

  8. Ganda sana nitong si Jeslyn pero I do agree, parang laging may sablay sa packaging? Mula sa gown hangang national costume, ganda pero laging may maliliit na sablay… Todo na ba yang glampics? Bakit may basurahan sa tabi? Attention to details please. I wish you all the luck Jeslyn!

  9. A Media Presentation and Send Off Party was held last September 6 at Mateos Restaurant in Quezon City.
    The Royal Blue Gown is by Cathy-Mora Capistrano

      • Ilang apple boxes kaya tinungtungan ni Jeslyn sa picture na yan para magmukhang towering? Yong tuhod nya halos kapantay na sa crotch area ng naka tokyo shirt. At para hindi halata, cropped ang picture sa lower part. Clever but not clever 🙂

      • @Will

        LOL! 😀 Saw the pics… naka shorts pa yung isa… hahaha… In fairness, ganda naman sa Mateos pero sa dami ng pwedeng gawing background, bakit nila pinili yang dingding?

  10. Uhrmmmmm?……. .. ganda ng… ahhh…ehhhh….
    Ahhhh… ehhhh….

    Ganda ng flowers sa grill ng bintana…

    Sana manlang nacrop yung hamper sa gilid… ganda pa lalagyanan namin ng labada… joke…hahaha

    Well at least hindi studio pics sa tabi-tabi gaya ng dati…

    Sobra at umaapaw na Goodluck Jeslyn!

    • Mars, hindi kasi pwede sa terasa, nag-iinuman ang mga boylet ni dela vega.
      When it comes to prioritization, boylet rules!

  11. good luck jeslyn.

    io-overlook ko na lang ang puckering ng blue gown at parang bitin na hemline ng natcos.

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