22 comments on “How to clown around for the camera, and still look beautiful 

  1. For a royalty that is Catriona, I’d like to see her wear a classy gown such as this, without sequins, beads, appliques etc.

  2. Ganda ng pasarela ni Catriona sa press presentation. Tamang energy lang. Since maganda naman ang face nya so ma kaka attract pa rin. She just need to toned pa ung body nya. I want a pink gown for her. Sana fit gown ang isuot nya ayoko ng katulad ng kay val.

  3. Marunong ba magtagalog si cat. Naku ha baka may magdare din sa kanya na pakantahin sya ng tagalog eh sasabihin nya wala syang alam na tagalog song.

  4. Grabe ang ugat sa leeg nung isa! Puputok na ata, how to clown around the camera, and still pose despite of a pending seizure


  5. Dear Aces and Queens,

    I know that you are excellent at training beauty queens. However, could you please package Catriona ala Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelley? My, G! This girl is a beauty royalty! Pang-Miss World ang ganda niya.

    Thank you,
    Ana Wintour, err, Winter

  6. And one more thing : lose the boyfriends for now, or at the very least get them off the radar.

    Instead of inspiration, they might only bring perspiration.

    Their identities may be revealed once the smoke clears.

  7. Ok. Very nice! Thank you Mr. Tinio for sharing. I think most of us LOVE CG. We probably will never get enough of her, but after all the comments of late regarding the lack of suitable rivals, it is beginning to feel just a tad overload. Parang nakakaumay na, hindi pa nagsisimula ang totoong laban. Even if it is just horsing around / just for fun..

    CG does not need to prove anything more at this point. It might be to her advantage to pull back for now. And with the certainty of her victory in most people’s minds, I really hope she does not get smug and put her guard down. Remember, the World (NOT the Universe!) is watching.

    I just don’t want her to eventually end up getting the kind of hurtful scrutiny endured by Ms. Medina and Ms. Versoza. Even this is part of the Game, as superficial as it may seem. Strategy never ends.

    And Ms. Quiangco is a sight to behold herself.

    God bless these lovely ladies!

  8. I hope catriona will show us a good performance comes finals night. Yun bang masasabi mong she is deserving talaga. Hinde nagkamali sa pagpili sa kanya from the start. Kahit papano i like her aura rather than valerie.nothing compares to them. She is totally different. She speak from her heart. She just need to practice on how to act while talking. While giving speech. Pero pass pa rin sya sakin. Maxine should do the same. Even how smart you are it is good pa rin if maganda ang pagkakadeliver mo sa mga sinasabi mo. Sa act mo. Un bang speaker talaga ang dating.
    Hinde naman pwedeng gayahin ni catriona si meagan. May sarile sya. Ok naman saken but need to polished ung acts nya as a speaker.

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