18 comments on “Catriona Gray | The camera loves her!

  1. In Vegas, este, DC, the lucky 13 is… Catriona!

    Hindi pala ganun ka-vavavoom ang body ni Catriona, unlike nung kay Valerie noon. Anyway, she still remains the top contender amongst all.

    I am thankful to AnQ kase na-remdyuhan nila ang hinahanap ko kay Cat. Dati I thought there was something lacking kay Catriona, kulang sa X-factor. Buti na lang kinapalan nila ang kilay. At sana gawin pang black ang hair, at i-package nila na Audrey Hepburn si Cat. Please?

    • Try to suggest it a&q pages. Open naman yata sila. Mag eexperiment sila syempre so baka i experiment na rin nila ung nasa isip mo pero mas maganda if we comment in their page. Nag rereply naman sila gandahan mo lang comment mag rereply sila. Maganda din naman ang Bun hair for her sana mas gandahan at ang gown at pasarela nya mahinhin na confident ala queen meagan. Hinde ko gusto ang pasarela ni valerie parang naglalakad lang.

      • Thanks for the suggestion, Geoff.

        I understand that some of the AnQ staff read this blog, take the case of Bessie. In one of my comments here, Bessie replied to me. So, I presuppose they have read this suggestion of mine.

  2. Wowow. Beatiful. She will do well in the Talent Competition, Model competition and Q&A in Miss World in DC! Also, there are so many Filipinos in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area, she will have a lot of audience support.

    I am 100% sure her gown will be on point. How about an Almodal or Libiran?

  3. oh no… gummy pala si Catriona.. she needs to relax.. she reminds me of miss supra 2015.. nong nanalo na lumabas na gummy pala siya dahil sa sobrang tuwa.. pero maraming maganda si MWP.. sana more than 1 ang winner para hindi naman masayang ang pagod nila

  4. Asus pinatatagal pa ba, alam na kung sino winner! ang sabi ni lola Cory this time maniniguro na siya, eh sino pa ba lutang , na kay catriona na lahat para manalo, kabobohan na lang kung hindi siya ipapadala ng pinas sa ms.world…

  5. Catriona pa more 🙂 Alam na.
    I wish she can prepare 3 songs na panglaban talaga showing her vocal prowess by the help of vocal coach with an outstanding arrangement of the song. Yung 1 kanta ay panglaban nya sa talent at yung 2 kanta ay para sa impromptu song request in an activity or occasion.
    Yung mga kanta nya sa Utube ay hindi pangLaban.. She really needs a professional help(Vocal coach and arranger) kung gusto nyang magchampion sa Talent(Paghandaan din ang outfit at choreography kung kailangan na bagay sa kanta).
    For Dances of the world, maganda yung Curacha dance(pasabog yan kung may magaling magturo).
    Naku, kabahan na ang lahat na kandidata 🙂 lol

  6. She is undoubtedly, the runaway winner in this competition! Everyone else will settle for the 4 princesses slots. I’m smelling a 2nd Miss World crown for the Philippines…… 😉

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