17 comments on “The 65th Miss Universe in Manila: Full steam ahead?

  1. U are welcome & congrat 65th miss universe in manila ,,& I greets & honors MissUniverse2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

  2. seating design wise, i still think the philippine arena beats moa arena..its ascending seat arrangement towards the rafters is definitely more apt for a pageant event than moa which is designed for sporting events..location wise however, moa’s accessibility and prime location edged out the phil arena..

  3. Juice Mio Mori, wag ngang paranoid.
    Kahit naman san e may bombahang nagaganap.
    At wag i-relate ang bombahan na yan kung matutuloy ba ang MU dito or not.
    Dahil kahit sa kalawakan pa mag-stage ang MU, kung gustong kanyunin ni Satanas yan e wala kayong magagawa.
    So it’s just a matter of tight security and organized flow of events.
    Don’t overthink.
    Kaloka ang blogger!

  4. Wow, OKADA Manila !!!!! I already have at least 5 friends from abroad who will come home and watch MU. Everyone is excited when are they going to release the tickets for sale.

  5. Im really excited tito norman. Okada is beautifull. If we host this times i may say 65th MU pageant is the most memorable because of those venues during activities and okada. I am expecting more wonderfull surprise. And i am hoping everything will be okay. If there are possibilities if threats i am 100% agree hinde manggugulo ang ASG dyan. Isis maybe pero 75% ang kutob ko lang. But im sure everything will be okay.
    Ok lang d manalo si maxine. Top 5 is enough. Malalakas ang kalaban this time. If hinde si maxine i want New zeland to win. Australia or Russia. They are more deserving than colombia and venenzuela.

  6. I want a european to win MU, maybe france or russia. The top 15 will be dominated by asians. Tapos aabot si 4m sa top 3. Heheh. Wishful thinking lng nmn.

  7. Yes indeed Norman, its in full swing. Security issues are not just in the Philippines, it’s everywhere! The best and worsts things are yet to come. We just need to be extra vigilant. Miss Universe in the Philippines will make waves for sure, and I’m confident that your people/authorities will not let any negative vibes hamper the universe’s most extravagant event.

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