16 comments on “Sunday Specials: Janine Tugonon in Victoria’s Secret Pink Ad

  1. PROUD TO BE PINOY!! lol does this statement still works haha i think its pure bull. Whatever she has going right now is all due to her hard work and it paid off. Im Happy for her. She has the determination to chase her dreams. Not many people can leave there comfort zone and start from scratch in a foriegn land, like going through auditions and perhaps sum rejections along the way after gaining massive popularity like being a beauty queen must have been hard for her from the beginning. Kudos to her. She inspires me to give my best and work harder to achive my dreams too.🐻

  2. Still wishing after venus raj placed in MU last 2010, nagmodel sana sya sa VS, with her height, and body type tas exotic na beauty plus her catwalk skills. Bongga yun for her. Hehehe.

  3. That’s my girl. Before, you did Chase Bank, and now Victoria’s Secret. Miss Universe ka nga pero ang commercial mo eh isang artificial juice brand sa isang third world country C100 ba yun na tinitinda lang sa mga bangketa sa Jakarta….

  4. This is better than a runway show (more visible – TV and online Ads).
    Gigi Hadid was rejected twice b4 she got in as VS model and hopefully we’ll see Janine in VS Fashion show in the US and Europe 🙂

      • Yes, indeed makemyday. It’s good that Janine is now part of VS family.

        OOT :
        Another new beauty pageant, Miss Multinational(meron din silang Mister Multinational) is based in Davao City. More than 40 countries were expected to join Miss Multinational 2016(first edition) on November 5-20, 2016.

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