7 comments on “Sunday Specials: 1-2 Finish for Filipinas in Miss Universe New Zealand 2016

  1. They are Filipinas? Holding Philippine passport? How can they possibly be representing NZ. They are kiwis for goodness sake. Lahat na lng inaangkin natin. I find it cheap, unnecessary and ridiculous.

    • I have american and canadian citizen sisters and yet they are Filipino/na or Pinay. These 2 kiwis have filipino blood. Puede nga silang magjoin sa Philippines pageantry kung gusto nila kahit nanalo na sila sa NZ. May mga athletes tayong May dugong pinoy na Americans at puede nilang irepresent ang Pinas sa Olympics 🙂

  2. Wooah. Whats in the waters of the Philippines? Hahaha, you guys rock!!! You’re everywhere, I mean seriously, you may not be on top of the hood when in comes to economy or sports, but you certainly dominates the entertainment world! I would love to visit your country someday.Figers crossed, Jan 30, 2017. 🙂

  3. Napakasuwerte ng mga Finalist sa MU-New Zealand kasi parang winners na silang lahat dahil last year and this year ay may reatret sila sa Pinas relaxing and enjoying the beach, foods, shopping sa bench at namigay pa ng 5000 worth to shop sa bench c Ben chan for every candidate last year and i think ganun din ngayon. Naging Judge pa sila Ben at MJ last year sa Finals sa New Zealand at naging 2nd runner-up yung Pinay contestant which for me ay 3rd runner-up cya dapat at ang 2 time joiner sa pageant na naging 3rd runner-up ay dapat sya ang 2nd runner-up.
    Maganda at cute yung Half-pinay winner. Sana magtrain sya sa A&Q 🙂
    Yung pure pinay(1st RU) naman ay kayo na ang humusga hihihihi.

    • Ito yung full video ng Miss Universe New Zealand 🙂
      Smart and beautiful din yung 1st RU but the 4th RU deserved a higher position 🙂
      The Finals night start @ 2:36:00

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