9 comments on “Dani Fitch | Miss Grand Australia 2016 is half-Filipina

  1. she may have Filipina blood but she still represents Australia.. Go Philippines..! Nicole Cordoves for the WIN!!

  2. In light of recent events in Sulu and Basilan where our soldiers pay the price to ensure the continuity of our nationhood, Ms. Fitch’s empathy resonates with the loved ones of these brave souls.

    On the other hand, we have Ms. Cordovez, whose stint in public service (at the Department of Finance) has given her a wider perspective on the burning issues of the day.

    Either victory would be timely for Filipinos at this time of heightened nationalism.

    • naguguluhan sya kung deodorant ba or pabango ang gagamitin nya kay Dani kasi ang baho raw ng kilikil 🙂 hihihihi

  3. Possible na b2b dahil maganda cya, matalino(Masters in Pharmacy)at may hugot ang dilag sa cause/mission/purpose ng MGI.
    Napost ko noon na gusto ko c Nicole sa MU dahil sa magaling cyang spokesperson sa causes ng MU at puedeng mag ala-diplomatic speech cya about China and Philippines problem using her influence as MU kung papayagan cya ng MUO and Phils. Gov’t.
    Nang mapanood ko uli ang MGI 2015 coronation, bagay nga kay Nicole C ang MGI dahil may speech ek-ek about stop the war, etc.
    Kahit cno sa dalawa puedeng manalo pero mas maganda kung c Nicole ang manalo para maging grands slam n nman ang Pinas😊😉

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