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  1. I greets miss world Philippines 2015 & miss world Philippines 2016 #enjoy ur #life

  2. Confirmed: viva entertainment will cast jadmine maierhofer as candidate for mwp. Pantapat kay katre ni riona. Sa mga hindi nkakakilala kat jasmin msierhofer, igoggle nyo na lang

    • Seryoso ba yan?!!!!!
      Did she also prepaire a BWAP?…
      Medyo exciting kung totoo… but still she’s too modelesque for pageantry… 1st RUp?

    • Jadmine’s bitchy look is not a Miss World prototype. She can be a pro in ramp modelling though. Cat Gray is a lot more beautiful. My two cents.

    • It reminds me of an actress in 1976 CARRIE movie… sorry 😦
      But She’s beautiful 🙂

    • Exciting kung totoo yan. Maganda din. Pero still catriona for me. Everything can be trained for her. She already have a looks that MW also looking for.

  3. Well, well, well 🙂
    Mukhang Grandiosa ang MWP 2016 at may candidates pa galing sa JDV.
    Tahimik c JDV pero masakit ang kagat nyan sa labanan kaya huwag pa-easy easy lng.
    I believe more than 6 ang madagdag but they will select 24-25 candidates para huwag ng paasahin pa yung iba.
    Kung sa BWAP ang problema, marami puwedeng gawing BWAP dahil sandamakmak ang mga organization sa bansa upang tumulong sa mga dukha at mga gawaing tulong din para sa mga mayayaman.
    Puedeng magtanong at makipagtulungan sa gawain ng mga Kiwanis, Kilatis, Kainis Club 🙂 lol; Lion’s, DSWD, cancer, autistic, bungi, pabahay, Home for the Aged, Rehab centers, mental institutions, nutrition/education program at marami pang iba.
    Maraming candidates ang qualified pero di alam kung saan kukuha ng BWAP. Magtanong sa DOH, DSWD o kaya sa inyong barangay or municipal/City gov’t at marami silang mga programa na puwedeng gawing BWAP.
    MWP organization should have a reserved BWAP for the winner to chose(dapat nasa puso nya ang program para convincing) if ever her project is not strong enough to compete in Miss World competition abroad.
    Kaabang-abang talaga ang MWP.
    Kung gusto nila ng mas masaya at malaFestival na programa, MWP should choose qualified winners in Municipal/Provincial/City’s yearly fiesta/festival Beauty Queen by coordinating with every LGU.
    Independent/Beauty camp candidates are also welcome wearing the sash of thier town/city’s name.
    Kakaiba talaga ang Miss World 🙂

  4. Miss Wow 2016 in Willie Revillame’s Wowowin at GMA has started yesterday (courtesy of GMA news)… meron din magaganda at matatangkad na pwedeng pwede sumali sa MWP. With so many studio viewers’ sad stories and GMA public affairs programs pwede rin iAdopt for BWAP.

  5. The problem with this pageant is that they required a BWAP for each of the applicant.
    So wether you have the body, the height and poise but you don’t have an on hand BWAP, chances are ladies will ignore this very demanding pageant.

    • Exactly! You have to go the extra mile which is a true test of a real beauty! No wonder hindi nagpaparamdam ang KF… Katamaran lang ba? Kulang sa budget dahil napunta lahat sa veneers? Or hangang salamat po doc lang ang extent ng effort nila?..

      • Kalokah ka C2F! Lol. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they are just focused on ME to make sure there’s a back to back to back. And also training Nancy Leonard for that contest somewhere in Europe. And don’t forget they may be getting ready for BbP next year. KF has been in this business long enough and has contributed to advancing Filipina beauty worldwide that it isn’t going to just give up. I believe in Tito Rodgil and he is a man with a heart. As for the other members of the team, I’m sure they love what they are doing. All they need is a break to be able to forge ahead next year.

      • @Miss Dawn

        I’m sorry miss Dawn if I’m treating them with sarcasm and pre-judice… I just find the sour-graping of the KF girls last year, simply unattractive… Rumor has it that they even missed the after-party and some other events as runner-ups. I hope that their camp really did their homework to package these girls since their lack of sportsmanship reflects so much of their mentors.

      • Kilala ko cya kc ginamit ko yan sa buhok ko at Di ako hiyang kaya sa aso ko nlang ginamit☺hi hi hi hi

      • Closer. Mka comment ka dito kala mo kung sinong galing galingan. Boba ka naman pala. Haha Runners up lang hinde alam hahahaha.

        Ang boba ni Closer hahaha yun lang hinde pa alam sus na kabobohan

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