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  1. Ms. Catriona Gray is stunningly beautiful pero di sya mukhang Filipina. Mukha syang foreigner. Well, hope she will make it to the finals and win the ms. World crown

  2. I just saw in MWP Wikipedia that someone already placed Catriona as the winner and the runners up were marked as TBD. LMAO

  3. Newsflash: Confirmed! Totoo na may mga isasabak na GMA and Viva artists for this year’s Miss World Philippines. Kung sino sila… No idea?!? Surprise daw… Well, I hope I would be surprised in a good way.

    • Naku, baka matalo na si Catriona my loves! Huhuhuhu wag naman sana. #labanCG #IloveCG #CatrionaGray

    • Naalala ko si Rich Asuncion, a Starstruck alumna, na ipinasok ng GMA sa Bb. Pilipinas 2009 and eventually ended up 1st RU kahit maraming candidates ang mas deserving that night. GMA then hosted/aired Bb. Pilipinas finals. #AlamNaThis

    • So, mali pala ako. Hindi pala 6 kundi mga 1 or 2 candidates lang madagdag para maging 20 🙂
      Ok na rin yan para masaya.

    • And probably also why Viva recently mounted a Casting Call for ladies 16 to 25 years of age. They were instructed to be in tank tops (or bring photos of themselves in tank tops, I cannot recall exactly now). But may I know : could Viva send their younger prospects to either KF or A&Q for future pageant campaigns? Or does Viva already have the expertise for pageant training/preparation?

  4. Without a doubt Catriona Gray is clearly standout kahit si BBP siya sumali – Kaso sa BBP hindi mo mahuhulaan ang magiging outcome ei… Although may politics din naman pero nababago at si Madam Stella every year gumagawa ng story… yong tipong ang lahat ei against sa MUP or other winner… unlike dito sa MWP pag nanalo na… wala kanang sasabihin just to agree kasi karapatdapat naman talagang manalo… from 2010 to 2015 BBP winners super na pinag usapan ng pageant fans. dapat MWP mag change ng style…

  5. ilan ba dapat ang ‘minimum’ to make it acceptable? I mean, sakin lang quality vs. quantity! pero ibang usapan na kasi kung karamihan din eh hindi gaanong pasok sa ‘quality’.. dun mag kaka prob si CQGQ

    Based on the group photo, though grainy and malayo. isa agad napansin ko and it was Catriona. she’s beautiful, statuesque and all. But pag tinabi mo ba siya with the 100 other contestants, aangat pa rin ang beauty niya? I hope so!

    Bakit kaya ang baba ng turnout ng screenings nila? hmmm I bet most of the ladies now are eyeing for BBP2017. possible kaya na un ang rason? they have this ‘rule’ di ba? na no other competition prior to joining BBP?

  6. Here are the names of the INDEPENDENT Ladies who became OFFICIAL CANDIDATES OF MISS WORLD PHILIPPINES 2016:
    2 SHEENA MAE SALDIVAR-Dapitan City
    3 IVANA PACIS-Makati
    4 NADIA PROSE-Cagayan Province

    COMING SOON ung ibang delegates!!!

  7. Kawawang mga fillers, magagamit lang kayo para lang palabasin na dinaan sa proseso ang lahat. Dapat doon kayo sa Binibini sumali or sa Miss Earth kung real experience ang habol nyo. Maliban na lang kung bayad kayo dito… BTW, something is wrong with CG’s torso. Parang puro Keanu Ribs ang nakita ko instead of Susy Miller 😛

  8. I must say that if ever Lemonon will represent us in the MU stage in the future, people will really go crazy!! She has the perfect tanned skin with the exotic look. She looks like a sweet, cheeky woman and her beauty demands attention! 😉

    • Sa totoo lang halos lahat ng court ni CG pang-Miss Universe ang caliber. Feeling ko balik ulit ang trend ng exotic morena for Binibini pero yung mamahalin na ang aura. Mala-Kasey Ferrel or Shanina Shaik exotic morena peg. I have no problem with that at all.

    • Hindi rin. Sorry she would be good for Mutya ng Pilipinas or Miss Earth. Kilabutan kang pang Binibini siya.

  9. You will not see in Catriona’s eyes of being too confident. Kahit alam nyang malakas ang chance nya. I like her aura. Unlike val medyo napansin ko. She is totally different from val. Catriona is a real queen and mw material. So nothing to compare.

  10. After Valerie Weigmann,I can already foresee another Bicolana winning Miss World-Philippines 2016.

  11. Catriona is a standout for our taste. The burning question is. Is she a standout come miss world. Catriona reminds me of valerie w. Megan and gwendolyn though both have foreign blood are stunners.

    • Kung beauty ang paguusapan lalamunin ni Catriona ang international competition.

  12. I support Arienne Calingo all the way. Her credentials along are awe-inspiring, but she is also truly beautiful and poised! Also, it would be great to have a full Filipina representing MWP – no offense to previous winners. I hope MWP won’t play favoritism and think of that in consideration.

  13. at least may nadagdag. tanggapin na lahat yan para maka-larga na. charot.

    pero i have a feeling na maglalagay ang Viva at GMA ng extra girls from their roster para hindi naman mukhang kawawa yung pageant. ipasok na jan si Marlann Flores since nasa GMA na naman siya.

    i agree na next year, ibalik ng MWP yung regional screenings nila to avoid this situation in the future. And they could do what MnP does by bringing in overseas community candidates.

    saka puwede rin sigurong either gawing mas active ang reign ng MWP and her court or kumuha ng extra pageant franchises si Madam Cory na puwede i-assign sa runners up post coronation night.

    saka sana naman, instead na nagbo-boycott ang ibang camps, i-challenge nila mga sarili nila na makuha ang MWP crown. find and train girls who fit the MWP/MW template…girls with good background and credentials, talent, medyo fit, at sweet ang fez at aura. hindi nila masusungkit ang crown if the other camps keep on sending the usual beauconeras with strike soil aura. charot.

  14. Whihihi! The Catrionatics are all alive! We need those to resuscitate MWP. Catriona will be First Runner Up in this year’s pageant.

      • I havent seen the rest of the candidates. Lemme just say that Catriona for all her beauty is just another Valerie W. Pretty she is, but not forthe World. Another Filipina beauty, please.

  15. Dapat next year may PROVINCIAL SCREENING para madaming candidates ginagawa naman dati yan from 2011-2014.. Hayaan niyo na nagboycott ata talaga ang Kabilang kampo!!!!

  16. Catriona is so stunning. She will stand out even on the International stage. She prepared for this pageant for a couple of years. I think she will give the best chance of winning our second MW title. I don’t understand why people would even compare her Valerie. I just hope MWP will do a better job marketing this pageant because it seems like after the International Pageant is over you don’t hear from them anymore.

  17. Gawin na lang silang lahat na official candidates or magpa extend pa till Aug. 31 para kung may gusto pang humabol.

  18. Tito Norman kumunti ang delegates i think its because walang PROVINCIAL SCREENING just like from 2011-2014. Di ba atleast may 1 galing U.S.A. kc ginagawa yan dati parang si Christelle Abello etc…

  19. Catriona Gray is no Valerie Weighman….. I think people just need to shut up and let things take its natural course. If she wins, then she deserves it not just because of any other reason…… For now, I can’t see any other person that would be most fit to represent the entire nation but Catriona. I think that if her stars would align, she could just be our 2nd Miss World.

    • Kilabutan ka. Believe me Catriona is just like any Miss Belize or Miss Lebanon. But she is perfect for Miss Intercontinental 2017. Oh, thank you.

  20. I hope MWP learnt their lesson when they chose Valerie Weighman and made her runaway with almost all special awards. Tapos when she joined Miss World, she was almost out of the Top20. I expected that with her flat beauty. Please MWP dont practice favoritism. I hope that Janine Gutierrez Laura Lehmann or Anna Fernandina Buquid will join or Janicel Lubina will surprise us anew and join MWP. Wag naman si Catriona. Sorry pero she won’t make a dent internationally.

    • Yan din ang sabi kay Pia noon! Kesyo “mistisa”,” lalamunin ng mga latina”, ” dapat si Janice” o eto favorite ko mula sa mga KF gays, “ilaban uli si MJ!” Oh ano? Di ba nganga sila ngayon! Iba si Val at iba si Catriona! Pumunta ka sa mga latin site, tignan mo mga comment, lahat gusto siya! Even those Colombian bashers ni Pia!

    • If Janicel Lubina joins this year with a new dance routine better that’s more entertaing and tastefull than Cat’s singing talent, a fitter body than Cat’s through a sport, more confidence when it comes to communicating with sense and a BWAP project that could potentialy win the MW fast-track, only then could she beat Catriona Gray to a pulp.

      • I would not be opposed to Janicel joining MWP again. Correct me if I’m wrong but if that happens, it could possibly be the first time a Binibini queen will join another national pageant post her BbP reign…dahil kadalasan after winning a BbP crown eh retired na sila sa pagsali ng pageants dito sa Pilipinas. Minadali kasi si Janicel, kaya ayan, natengga agad.

        Pero kung jo-join uli siya sa MWP in the coming years, ngayon pa lang i-achieve na niya ang MW aura. i-polish ang comm skills, mag-practice ng mowdeling, mag-training kasama ng scout rangers at ni hidilyn diaz, mag-aral kumanta ng opera at sumayaw ng cultural dance at umpisahan na ang charity work sa narra, palawan.charot.

      • Ang dami niyong Castrionics ha! Hihihi! Wag naman siya, she looks more Miss Belize or Miss Lebanon than a Miss Phil. And favoritism is not good in a competition. Im sure Ms Cory Quirino would not want that MWP serves as popular portal for Miss World Paborito.

    • YES.Valerie and Catriona are way too much different.. but they have 2 things in common, both are FLAT and HYPED. Catriona won’t give us our 2nd MW crown. A&Q cant replicate another Megan Young.

      • Correct! Corrreccctt! Catriona? Hey MWP and GMA7, you will just have a measly 9% tv rating with this pageant if this is the set-up. Dont get me wrong Catriona is pretty; beautiful enough to be Miss Intercontinental 2017.

  21. So meaning, matatalo pa si Catriona Gray? Ang malas naman if ever. By the looks of it, parang hindi siya favorite, huhuhu.

      • Kaya it would be good if the pageant is renamed to MWP Confirmation Day in GMA7 Sunday Pinasaya.

    • Perhaps, the organizers just want to make things more challenging for Catriona instead of just handing the win on a silver platter.

      • Catriona is so ready! I think her physical transformation is the only thing she really needs to improve. #SheIsIT

  22. based sa photos above mukhang daming matangkad ah…. sino sino kaya eto, may mga kilala kayang candidates sumali ngayon aside from catriona, its hard pa makilala ang faces nila super labo ng pics.

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