16 comments on “The “Tuna-rrific” Creations for Miss Tunafest Gensan Tourism 2016

    • Nagmarunong. Contextual ang NatCos kaya minsan kahit Tuktok or Peacock mananalo (say in Miss Universe).

  1. 2016 Top Model of the World Top 5 (In Germany) :

    Bulgaria = WINNER
    Puerto Rico = 1st Runner – up
    Sri Lanka = 2nd Runner – up
    Thailand — c thailand ang sinisigaw na winner ng mga contestant while waiting for the winner’s proclaimation.

  2. Sensya na, may balita ba kayo sa training ng BBP girls? I know it’s not yet pageant season so wala pa talagang ganap but there seems to be more focus on minor and super minor pageants. I wish there’d be more post on candidates in the running for MU, so we can start sizing them up. Just my two cents…

    • It’s way too early for Miss U. There seems to be lack of interest in International or Intercon. Malapit na yung 2.

  3. I like the Blue and Silver gown with fins on the hips…. If I would edit this, I’d lose the big arm ornament…. I’ll add modern semi-transparent fin like butterfly sleeves similar to what Leo Almodal made for Megan Young when she hosted MW2014.

  4. Maganda yung damit na may short.
    Sana si Donya Dionisia ang magsuot nyan para kita ang legs sabay kanta ng “wre – i – eck me” 🙂 lol
    Naglabasan na ang galing ng Pinoy.
    Dapat maipakita lahat yan nxt year’s MU2016 na may concept na “Parade of Festivals in the Philippines”.
    Gasgas na kasi ang Filipiniana at Santacruzan last MU1994 🙂

    • Yes, the shorts ensemble is probably the nicest. But to effectively pull this look off, the wearer must have a good pair of gams (legs). Think Alessandra Ambrosio, top Brazilian lingerie and swimwear model turned Victoria’s Secret Hotness.

      Or Donya Dionisia. as you have just said?

  5. Too intricate! All that detail will not be appreciated by the far-away studio audience or will appear blurry on a live telecast (unless the camera zooms in or is really close). Are they even wearable?

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