9 comments on “Cheers to the Bb. Niyogyugan 2016 Beauties!

  1. I love the geometric costume of Sariaya except for the headress.. Candelaria’s costume is very elegant and doesn’t overpower her beautiful face…

  2. Gusto ko yung mga costumes dito ah! Mas maganda siguro kung may theme every year ang Bb Pilipinas National Costumes para hindi paulit ulit na Filipiniana.

  3. Mr. Tinio, a cute guy photobombed Ms. Guinayangan. He looks like our North Italy Gent. Track him down while you are there and convince him to join the next Gentlemen edition. Have a happy time.

  4. The topmost photo of the national costume is creatively elegant, without saying that all of them can actually compete in the national costume segment of Miss Universe because of their colorful design and the unique fabric and accessories used. There are just other costumes which are executed over the top and busy all over.

    To top it all, the national costumes have outshone the candidates making me focused on the designs themselves.

  5. Very creative talaga ang pinoy.
    Puede na ring panlaban internationally for National Dress ang mga ito😉

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