9 comments on “Kristine Joy Ocampo Cruz for Top International Model of the World 2016

  1. Teka lang ha?? an daming magagandang dilag na pinapadala natin sa mga minor pageants ha.. anuvey?

    • Mas madaling panalunin ang maliit na patimpalak. Bakit ka pupunta sa kung saan ka mahihirapan? Siyempre, pumunta ka sa madali, kung saan ka bebenta at aangat. At solo mo ang atensiyon!

      Totoo, may risk na “questionable” ang ilan sa mga maliliit na pageants (tulad ng nangyari sa United Continents at Pancontinental kamakailan lamang dito sa ating bansa). But this is a simple matter of scrutinizing pageant proposals before accepting them. Ang hindi nag-iingat ang laging nabibiktima, at he/she/they has/have only himself/herself/themselves to blame.

      The Big Time is not always the Best Time. Prestige is not everything, and even this is fleeting.
      The best rewards are sometimes long-term and not financial.

      The Big Pageants neither have a world patent nor monopoly on the search for beauty. And they all started small! Who knows which of these small pageants will one day become big! When that time comes, a country called Filipinas can look back and say with pride that they put their faith in that pageant when nobody else did.

      We do not debase ourselves by settling for breadcrumbs. And those self-righteous/arrogant countries who look down on the invitations of start-up pageant organizers only make their circle of global friends and allies smaller and smaller. It will backfire on them in the end.

  2. Ms. Ocampo Cruz’s asset is her HEIGHT. Look again at the image of the lineup of the Gentlemen of the Philippines titlists, where Ms. Belmere (on heels, presumably) is practically as tall as the reigning Mister Universal Ambassador from Puerto Rico. They make a lovely pair, don’t they?

  3. Natalia Lalonde is Philippines’ Bet for Top Model of the World 2016

    27-year-old Natalia Lalonde is now in Bremen, Germany as Philippines’ representative at World Beauty Organization’s Top Model of the World 2016 contest.

    Natalia is half-Filipino and half-American. Currently, she is living in Michigan but travels in New York and Los Angeles occasionaly as well as in Bangkok, Thailand and in Vietnam for her modeling stints.

    This 5’9″ stunner is a degree holder of Sociology and Southeast Asian Studies in University of Michigan.

    • Her look is weak. Not editorial material. Good for Southeast Asia’s fledgling fashion scene, but will not be noticed by the jaded Germans.

      Had Filipinas sent somebody exotic like a tall version of Badjao Girl Rita Gabiola, may laban tayo!
      Europeans will lap up her story of poverty, discovery, and opportunity, the same way they bestowed fame and fortune to stunning African models who have always looked North of the Mediterranean Sea for a better life. Yes, it sounds racist. But at least these girls had happy endings somehow…

      • Well, you will not be the judge in this pageant, so your opinion will not matter to them.

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