8 comments on “Janela Joy Cuaton for Miss Tourism Metropolitan International 2016

  1. Join lang nang join! Though lacking the prestige of more prominent pageants, nailing a multitude of smaller ones is one more approach to world domination. Quantity of quality. No harm done.

    It is getting increasingly difficult to place in the Big Ones, as everybody sends their most formidable bets to those competitions. Perhaps Filipinas should seriously consider the Blue Ocean Strategy : GO WHERE YOUR COMPETITORS ARE WEAK, IF NOT ABSENT ALTOGETHER.

    Who knows what bountiful opportunities lie in wait for our gorgeous ladies out there? GOOD LUCK.

  2. up next…Miss Tourism Suparanational, Miss Grand Tourism International, Miss Asia Pacific Tourism International, Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan, Miss Universal Tourism

  3. Nagsulputan na ang mga super minor beauty pageant 😊
    At least may paglagyan na ang mga talunan at mga baguhang nangangarap makasali sa international beauty pageant😆
    Let’s celebrate 😉🍸🍹🍷

  4. ang daming miss tourism title! hindi ba eto din ung title ni Leren noon? if I’m not mistaken may metropolitan keme din un e. ang daming pageant!

    • kung merong Miss Tourism International sana, ang Miss Tourism Metropolitan na title ay runner up lang ng Miss Tourism International. Remember nyo si Perido? nung december 31 2014?

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