20 comments on “Photo Blog: Three days of fun and pageantry in Baler

  1. so you already visited my province sir norman..and i’m so happy to see that you did enjoyed so much

  2. What happened Janicel?!.. Bagay pala sayo Kamote, gulay and tuyo diet… thats why you grew up healthy and beautiful…. balik ka nalang sa dating lifestyle na pagbabayo ng palay… Why not turn it into a business?!

    • Wherever Ms. Lubina is now, may it be a much better place. With her awesome beauty, it would not be surprising if a Prince Charming/Valiant has taken her under his care. And no malice, please.

  3. The old Janicel Lubina is gone.
    Wherever you are, please come back.
    Tondo with the hundreds of Batang Hamog miss you so much.

    • ha ha ha…comment sana ako about janicel pero ignore ko na lng kc lalabas na naman c jeremifasollatido at baby nica and beautiful flowers na masasaktan sa katotohanan 🙂
      Nawala ang freshness 🙂 lol

  4. Mr. Tinio, the coastal view is absolutely dreamy.

    And is the native hat you got made from buntal fiber? If so, what a privilege!

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