14 comments on “Andrea Biondo for Vatican Bespoke White Meringue at City of Dreams Manila

  1. napa – wtf din ako sa Vatican Bespoke White Meringue. nobody will treat your business seriously with a name like that.

    and yes, it’s kinda sad that due to group allegiance, it seems we won’t be hearing or reading anything about other male pageants and their winners in this blog anymore, unless they’re connected/partnered with GMPI. Understandable naman pero biglang nakaka-miss yung dati na lahat ng pageants name-mention dito.

  2. its great that he is being handled quite nicely that makes his reign more pertinent and less fuzzy

  3. One one hand, the name Vatican Bespoke White Meringue at City of Dreams Manila is all sorts of f_cked up. I can’t decide whether to say 10 hail marys or make a delicious floating island desert (using the meringue) with a passion-fruit sauce lol.

    And yes, male pageants are ridiculous.

    • lol, it’s sacrilege i tell you. i did have the same wtf moment as you did. somebody needed a copy editor, obviously.

      • bundle up the word ‘bespoke’ with ‘artisanal’ and ‘curated’ as among the most pretentious words you can use to pass off your product/service as being high-end.

    • Hello Andrew Espino. Yes and imho, male pageants are indeed ridiculous when we consider that they really originated from the idea of the bodybuilding contest . Think Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Atlas, and Mr. Universe (the ORIGINAL, not the modelling contest that it is nowadays!). And not to mention allegations of homosexual candidates (see related earlier Post on this blog, “Mr. Gay World Philippines 2017. The Ones Who Will Vie”).

      But it can also be said that there is a certain silly charm to the male pageant because despite poor production value arising from tight budgets and less-than-ideal accommodations for the candidates, the contestants are expected to ride it out precisely because they are expected to be nonchalant men and not a bunch of wimpy boys.

      • Hi Andrew! It does have a certain silly charm and that’s a good perspective to have..kaya hanggang ‘ridiculous’ lang ang banat ko…to be fair, our male candidates have the same confident earnestness as their female counterparts so it’s not surprising that they’re getting their own share of titles…so good luck to all current male titleholders and if you can, stick to good Filipino designers; Exclusively His in Manila still does good cotton/linen suits, Paul Cabral for your Barong Tagalog and JC Buendia for your special occasion suits and blazers

  4. Bakit kaya walang blog entry si Tito norman about Karan Singhdole na kapapanalo lang sa Man of the Year 2016 last Saturday? Di ko alam kung matutuwa o malulungkot sa pagkapanalo niya dahil nga wala siyang dugong Pilipino though he represented the Philippines well. Hindi pa lang siguro ako handa sa ganitong paradigm shift. Kung sa bagay, sa recent Rio Olympics nga maraming chinese nationals ang nirirepresent ang ibang bansa para lang makasali sa Olympics. Anyways, congratulations, baby Karan! Mahal na kita, promise. 🙂

      • Oh i see. So it explains why. But i wish Norman would set aside rivalry because Karan’s victory rightfuly deserves a spot in a well respected blogsite in the pageant world. It’s just my wishful thinking though to foster peace and goodwill total malapit naman na magpasko hehe. No pressure hurled to Norman.

    • Tito Norms, I had the same thoughts when I came to your site hoping to read your sentiments about Karan Singhdole’s most welcome victory – only to weirdly end up seeing zilch. I can just imagine how frustrating this situation can be for you knowing that you had your bonding moments with him during Misters Of The Philippines 2015. But I’m sure as heck that you are proud and happy for him despite the circumstances of your parting of ways with PEPPS. ☹️ Di nga.

    • Sa ganang akin ay di na kailangan although i posted in the previous post a video of karan winning Man of the Year 2016 kasi nga mas maganda pa ang production/presentation program ng local pageant natin. Same thing sa Miss Asia 2016.
      Mas maenjoy ko pang manood ng Miss Gay Barangay of Planet Mars 🙂 hihihihi

    • Eustaquia, I’m not picking on you or anybody in this thread ha – but I just want to say that I’m quite stupefied why some people are making a fuss about Karan’s winning. What’s the big deal if purong Bumbay man siya kung Pinoy naman since birth and at heart? Di ba marami nang ganyang cases ngayon of pageant candidates na walang bahid physically ni katiting ng nation or race which they willfully represented with pride? Case in point, Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova from Canada is a full-blooded Russian immigrant. And how about full-blooded Pinay Angela Perez Baraquio who was crowned Miss America 2001? And the list goes on. Di ba dapat matuwa at magpasalamat na lang ang lahat na ang isang hindi purong Pinoy ay nagdala ng karangalan sa bansa natin? Just thinking out loud. Di nga.

  5. Hello, Mr. Tinio. Thanks for the update. The prestigious names behind the South Italy Gent’s wardrobe will certainly lend towards making him feel confident and sophisticated in Indonesia next month.

    His photos for the next issue of Presko magazine are very nice.

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