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  1. My top 3
    1. Leo Andrew Ponce – Batangas
    2. John Jeffrey Carlo – Cavite
    3. John Raspado – Baguio City

  2. Thank you so much Norman. I really appreciate it a lot. To andrew who also commented, sobrang thank you din sau. I don’t know you all personally however i’m so happy to hear these compliments from you guys. Nakakataba ng puso. God bless everyone!:) hope to meet you all soon to hug and thank you for everything. 🙂

  3. Karamihan sa mga kandidata dyan e may sex scandal.
    Raffy Gavina, musta ka na?
    Hello rin kay Janjep.

    • If these guys were not outed by force through a video they had no knowledge of being taken and released publicly, they could be joinning/winning Gentlemen of the Philippines instead or maybe not join any pageant at all and just focus on becoming more successful than they already are. 🙂

      • try to google raffy gavina scandal, basil is right if that raffy g is the same with the guy in the scandal then his inclusion with that batch is in danger. Grabe talaga ang video na yan napaka clear. I wonder if intentional yung video o sadyang the guys involved are not really aware of it.

      • Thanks Steamyhot. I saw the video. Yea it was obviously him with the neck tat. Also the video seemed to have been intentionally recorded by either or both parties.

      • @4M, you want proof?
        Deeply search on google, and be amazed on where it will bring you.

      • Sa twitter ko pinanood lahat ng video nya at isa lng masasabi ko ,,,…Eweeeeeeeee! 🙂 hihihihi
        Mas natuwa pa ako dito :

      • @Bong

        Are those guys twins?!… And then they kissed!!!! Whoaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

      • Steamy, Nakita ko lng yan when I searched the scandal video of RG. May isa pang contestant na may scandal video pero Di ko masearch at kung Nakita ko man ang video nya dati ay Di na makilala kc maraming contestant nag-iba ang hitsura sa picture nila ngayon 😊

  4. Maganda naman sana tong pageant na to, they are against discrimination pero nakakalumgkot lang isipin na sila2 mismo ang nagdidiscriminate ng kapwa contestant. Tsk tsk tsk. Imbes na magtulungan sila on how to achieve thier advocacies, sila mismo ang nagsisiraan. Naawa ako sa candidate na binully nila. How are they going to be accepted in the society kung sila mismo ang nagdidiscriminate ng kapwa nila sa community (LGBTQ community) nila. Masakit at mahirap ang mabully.

    • Kapwa-Paminta ang numero uno’ng kalaban ng isa’ng paminta. Sad, but true.

      Masyado kasi sila (kami/tayo) marurunong at accomplished individuals. They must learn humility.

    • This case is not surprising because most of these guys grew up in an environment where they are not tolerated thus they were forced to adapt by becoming the epitome of what they think is society’s ideal up to the point they also could not tolerate those who remind them of their former selves.

      • They “could not tolerate”. That betrays what deep inside is really fear or a lingering self-esteem issue. May they know peace. Because peace confers courage that redeems. Courage leads to generosity. And to win a pageant, you have to be generous. Straight or gay.

        Ang hirap talaga maging bakla sa Pilipinas…

      • @Andrew

        I think this pageant will help them grow as a person, find acceptance from society and finaly reach that state of mind where they are at peace with themselves.

  5. Just to add. And at the risk of being unethical for commenting on the first 2016 “King” of GCI’s rival camp. But since we are Gentlemen/women/mhin, credit must be given where it is due.

    You all probably already know that Bumbay won. I honestly had no faith in his prospects. Although tall, handsome, and blessed with a well-proportioned physique thanks in large part to his full Indian extraction, I thought that the Indonesian organizer of this inaugural male pageant would give the title to a European (read : Spain) or to Lebanon (a global male pageant powerhouse. Btw, 2016 Mister Lebanon Paul Iskandar is HOT!) in order to make a good first impression to Europe and Latin America so that more countries would be encouraged to participate in the next edition (next year?).

    I am honestly stunned by Bumbay’s victory. And to think that he and his buddies on the “other side” – Manor-born Boholano and Police (Man)hunter – were just “groomsmen” to our First Gentlemen – Rick, Willan, Arcel, and Reniel. Vindication? Redemption? Call it what you want.

    And here on our side, I just want to say that Job is a diamond in the rough. And that from early indications Andrea is well-received by the Indonesians for his handsome Mediterranean (mali ‘yata ispeling ko. Sori po.) fez and muscular torso.

    But Andrea is up against FIERCE competition at Universal Ambassador. The field is crowded with really strong-looking contenders. And some are saying Europe will take this edition after Mr. Ortiz (of Puerto Rico. My apologies, I said he was from Costa Rica in an earlier comment). So he must press!

    And the participation of conventionally-conservative Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan in Universal Ambassador (very manly-looking bets. They look like they could clobber our dear Andrea. Lol.) speaks volumes on Indonesia’s growing clout in world male pageantry.

    Mr. Tinio, we need to produce a King! Instruct the Gents to hustle and to hit the ground running!

  6. !Dios mio !Ang guwa-gwapo !And muy lindo

    Mr. Paderanga of Misamis Occidental has captured my heart. He has a sweet smile and I like the fact that his skin is pristine – no tattoos. Win or lose, I will always remember him with affection. Sigh..

    Mr. Lacsamana, congratulations for giving Filipinas a great year. Thank you for sharing your time with our Filipino community in Malta as you nailed your runner-up finish. May your young students learn valuable life lessons from you. P.S. I LOVE your flawless creamy complexion! No kidding.

    • @Andrew :
      Kamag-anak ba to ni Dra. Paderanga,OB of Cagayan de Oro originally from Camiguin 🙂

      • Hello Bong. I apologize for my ignorance on his provenance. But they have individual Profiles on their FB. Perhaps the answer to your question may be gleaned from there. Happy searching!

  7. For international contest, may laban c Raspado, Ostos, Lopez, Ponce and Ingay based sa pics given.
    Magkaalaman na sa Physical Fitness + height, Personality at intelligence 🙂
    Kung counterpart ni J. Cuay c John Ortiz of KF, eh di sya na (-) face value but let’s see sa rampahan 🙂 hihihihi

      • Inantok ako bigla.
        Kung sino man yan, bakit sya nag-qualify sa Mr. Gay World?
        Kala ko ba e mga paminta lang ang qualified?

      • @Laila, medyo hawig nga kayo. hihihihi
        @basil, operadang Gabby Concepcion yan hihihi.
        Laila and basil, what do u think of her walk. A&Q trained yan hihihi 🙂

  8. John Raspado for the win. Matangkad maganda katawan at manly looking. #Mr. Pogay

  9. OMG yung John Bench Ortiz yung trainer ng KF sa pageants. he is the KF Counterpart of John Cuay of A&Q

    Sana sumali din si John Cuay para magkaalaman na kung KF or A&Q ang mananalo LOL


  10. wondering how many hook ups are going to happen in and out of the competition? 😁

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