11 comments on “Sunday Specials: Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for BDO

  1. Ad is very simple. other may find it boring, but kasi BDO wants to just highligt 2 things,

    1.Pia endorsing or banking with BDO and
    2. The reason/s why Pia is banking with BDO

    Hindi na kailangan ng bonggang production when your endorser is the reigning Miss Universe. Imagine, the reigning Miss Universe is investing her money (hard earned money) with BDO. Over all, I love her aura, mas maganda siya, mas naging natural ang pagiging speaker niya. Love it!

  2. Pia should be proud endorsing the Best Bank in the Philippines in terms of Assets, Capital, Deposits, Loans and receivables and Customer Service 🙂
    Her message is very clear, Save and Invest with BDO.

      • Nope… mas angat pa ang Metrobank and BPI kesa PNB. Kasi, you’re in good hands with Metrobank at nagiba na ang pader na sinasandalan sa PNB..lol…joke lang hihihihi

    • OOT : Pure Indian blood, Karan Singhdole represented Philippines and won 2016 Man of the year in Indonesia.

      • Gentleman naman pala si Karan. He stepped aside to give Lebanon the stage before coming forward himself. John Robert Powers taught him well!

        Cute si Malaysia. Reminds me of Elmo Magalona. (Giggle)

  3. Walang impact ang TV ad na to.
    Inantok ako to the point na inakala ni Facundo na comatose na ako.
    Haaaay Piaya, you never failed to make me sleepy even at my most hyper moments.
    U always find ways.

    • I agree. The ad itself is lame. No production value. I guess the chunk of budget went to pia’s talent fee. But credit goes to her, I think her confidence improves a mile. I like her diction without sounding pretentiously slang. The way she carries herself exudes confidence.

    • maybe it does not apply to you. u have to have money to bank or at least have a decent job and reputation to qualify for a loan hihihihi

    • @basil, pia is the show. she is the face of bdo. Sh does not need a circus to endorse the bank

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