6 comments on “Siargao Island for Miss Universe swimsuit shoot?

  1. This could be our big chance to promote the virgin islands in the Philippines. There are places na undiscovered pa talaga when it comes to tourism na sobrang ganda. Apo Island in Negros is also good but it is too far from Manila. I wish these candidates will have a great time here in the Philippines, baka ma Claire Danes tayo nito na panay pinas sa atin when she visited Pinas years back.

  2. maraming pwede dito na location for the swimsuit shoot. that’s if may location shoot ha, usually kasi diba sa hotel lang ang mga girls? pool area.. sana din meron silang natcos photoshoot like yung sa Mr. International na ginawa nila. para maiba lang.

  3. Precisely! As Bong said, there are other nice beaches adjacent to Siargao Island.

    The ladies can be divided into groups, with each group assigned to a specific island.

    They can then come together for the group shot in Siargao. Just my ten cents..

  4. The best place to promote for international surfers and beach lovers 😃
    There are more white sand beaches in nearby islands.

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