16 comments on “Sunday Specials: Miss Universe for Jealous 21

  1. Mga Pianatics, bili na kayo online ng jealous 21 products sa jabong.com, Amazon or souq.com kung hindi nyo makita sa mall☺
    Lalo na sa Mga kapatid nating Indian-Filipino dahil Indiano ang may-ari nito😉
    Dapat bigyan ng fabulous fashion show c Queen P. to endorse Jealous 21covered by fashion international media kung gusto nilang mas lumakas ang benta nila at makilala ng husto.

      • I like her in here. We really dominated pageantry specially MU. Whole universe know na magaling tayo makahanap ng pambato sa MU. We all know that MU is more than the looks. Sana hinde nagkamali sa pag pili kay max. She has the body. The looks . The aura. I know she is smart. But being smart doesnt mean your already good in speaking. But being smart you can learn how to talk. You just need right amount of confidence. At yan ang problem ni max. Max and indonesia has a hearted kind aura. I like indonesia aura during MU Thailand 2016. She is more better than last year rep aniporn. I like how she talk. But with proper training and styling shes in for top 5 same as maxine

  2. Paulina Vega also endorsed and promoted this brand last year so Pia is not the only beauty queen who endorsed it.

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