12 comments on “Why are these ladies taking part in Miss Earth 2016?

  1. di ka kagandahan kaya you don’t even have a strand to voice out your nasty opinion against Miss Earth. To be honest, Miss Universe and Miss Earth are the two pageants that beauty and wits are being used in selecting the winner. I don’t think so it is rehearsed because many were caught off guard in answering the final question.

  2. Dami din maganda dito parang MGI at MI. Russia pretty dito pero gusto ko rin mga girls ng Mongolia. Last year lakas ng dating ni ateng. In fairness kay Angelia dami napupuntahan ha….

  3. Because:
    a. their beauty is for Miss Earth.
    b. of its purpose and causes.
    c. they failed to win the local pageant of Miss U and Miss World.
    d. the National director promised me to win the title.
    e. the big price and fame will help me out of poverty.
    f. my mom wants me to join.
    g. my dad wants me to join(lol, alam na).
    h. All of the above.

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