35 comments on “On reaching my more-than-half-a-century-marker in the Universe

  1. Happiest of birthdays! Hope the next 365 days are even better than the last. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Happy Bday Norman! 🎂 So this gentlemen thing explains it all…hope your group can scout the likes of rick palencia and his court..cheers!

  3. happy happy happy birthday lola norms! wishing you good health, long life & happiness 😀

  4. Happy Bday!
    U do not look 51 at all:)
    Hope u get a seat at the judging table of the Binibinimg Pilipinas and Miss U before age 55:)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one who is like an oracle to many pageant fans.. many many thanks for all the updates, and the hard work/research that go into these…. praying for your good health!!! God bless..

  6. I may be sporadic lately in posting comments here but I always check your posts on a daily basis without fail. We love you Tito Norms! Sana, we can have one of the pre-pageant events of GotPhilippines 2017 edition here in Bohol! Cheers! Happy 52nd!

  7. To THE Gentleman of the Philippines,

    Happy Birthday! Stay confidently beautiful with a heart. Some age like wine, some like vinegar. But you are both Norman. Di ka lang sweet, may asim ka pa! Lol. Here’s to good health, good life, and a booming sex life.

    World Peace.


  8. Happiest of birthdays to the best blogger, bar none. May the coming year make your star shine bigger and brighter!

  9. Salutations!

    And as the Universe unfolds to commemorate the day that a speck of stardust took the form of one christened Norman Tinio, may he spot the Gentle Comet that will take him on the ride of a lifetime..

    Would Sir Norman be related in some way to Rolando Tinio, the composer?
    Please forgive my ignorance.

  10. Happy birthday Norman. Wish you more personal happiness outside the pageant world. Love life naman ang atupagin. Hehe

  11. All the best to you, Sir Norman ! You have indeed come a long way since you started blogging and look at where you are now ? A pageant blogger that everyone look up to ! Thank you for all you do and may you continue to reap more success in an industry that you love most. God bless and may all your wishes come true on your special day ! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday Sir Norman😄🎂🎈🎁
    May you have more blessings and continued support from your readers, fans,friends and business partners😉

  13. Happy Birthday Sir Norms. It’s my first time to comment here, but I have been following your blogs for 6 years now.

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